Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lots of appointments....

We are trying to get used to what will be our new normal. Lots of dr. appointments. Going here and then going there. I have always kept a day planner, but it is that much more important now. We had the audiologist appointment this morning and Addie's left ear did fail the test again, but she also had a "flat tympany". This means that she more than likely has fluid build up in her ears and that could be why she isn't passing the test. So we will return to the audiologist at the two month point for a re-check. Many times Down Syndrome babies have to have tubes put in their ears because the ear canal is so tiny it doesn't drain well on it's own. So we will keep that in our prayers that it will be just some fluid build up and clear up in two months.

We also had a visit today from the Grant Wood people. They will be following her from birth to 3 years. This is a free service through the school system and Down Syndrome automatically qualifies for this service. We will have the woman who will be assigned to her coming in the next couple of weeks and will come a couple times a month at the beginning, and then more frequently as she gets older. This service helps to ensure she reaches her developmental milestones in the proper time frame. I am excited to learn the different things that they will do with her as they will be teaching Zac and I so we will be working with her as well.

Next week we will see the OT (occupational therapist) to assess her eating skills and the PT (physical therapist) to give us some exercises to work on her strength. We will have the visiting nurse come just one time next week to check her weight and I am headed to the physical therapists as I am having some pretty good back pain. The Dr. thinks I probably fractured my tailbone when I was pushing, so I just need to get some exercises to get that healing properly so I can start going for walks again. That should be the only appoitments for next week so hopefully I will find time to find our routine.

Grandma Pam is leaving tomorrow. I have some very mixed feelings about this and will probably bawl my eyes out. I know it will be good for me to gain confidence in being her alone during the day and knowing that I can do this alone. I know I can, but it has been nice having the company and the help. It will be good that Zac will be here all weekend and so I won't have to be alone until it will give me a good transition to next week. And I know that if I need Zac to come home early or take a day off or work from home, he would do it in a hearbeat. So that is reassuring as well.

Last night the photographer came and took some newborn pics of Addie, I can't wait to see them! It was fun posing her and puting her in different outfits....and of course she slept through the whole thing!

I think that's about it for today, Zac's mom and step dad and nephew are here for dinner and my friend Sarah is coming to take me out to get a snow cone tonight and tomorrow is Zac's 28th birthday! So I probably should pick up a card while I'm out =).


  1. I just came across your blog - congrats on the birth of your daughter - she's adorable!

    I have a daughter with Down syndrome who just turned 5 :)

  2. Congratulations on Addie's birth! She is just beautiful! Michelle (from HADSA) gave me a link to your blog. Dr. Mark (Zittergruen), (isn't he the most amazing doctor!) mentioned he had a family coming in whose child has DS and ToF (he didn't say who, but I'm guessing it was you). So glad to see you had good news!!!! Our son, Ben,7, has DS and ToF (corrected) as well.
    It sounds like Addie is making some wonderful strides. It is always fun when your child is able to surprise the "experts"!
    Congratulations again, and when you are ready, please contact me (!

  3. Hi, I just wanted to congratulate you on the birth of your beautiful new baby girl!! My name is Amy, and I am the mom of 3. Our youngest, Mayson, was also born with Down Syndrome. I am on the HADSA board and hope to meet you soon in person! Lets get together sometime! You can email me at!