Thursday, July 31, 2008

We've got an 8 pounder!

We had an appt with Dr. Zittergruen, the cardiologist today and Addie weighs 8 pounds 3 ounces! Dr. Z was so impressed with how much she had gained! He said her color looked great and was really pleased with her Oxygen levels. I just am so excited about how much weight Addie has gained! It is just such an answered prayer! Dr. said that that much weight gain is really good for any baby, much less one with a heart condition! Yeah!

We had more questions for the Dr. this time and found out that Zac and I will be undergoing some blood work to see if we are a match for Addie to donate platelets and blood for her surgery. I really hope both of us are so we can do this, otherwise we can look to other family members also...It's a good thing I'm crazy about this little girl because I have never given blood, and just the small amounts of blood I gave during the pregnancy were hard enough! My hands drip with sweat and I don't like it! But I'm pretty sure I can suffer through anything given what Addie is going to be going through...

We also learned that we'll have to be secluded from the outside world for about a month prior to and after the surgery. This means no Thanksgiving for us, but Dr. said that he thinks Addie will be good to go for Christmas! So good news and bad...but one Thanksgiving away from the family will be I'll just have to learn how to cook a turkey!

We'll go back to see Dr. Z in a month and we'll see Dr. Fox, the pediatrician in two weeks, so we'll always be seeing one or the other doc every two weeks to keep an eye on Addie's weight gain and oxygen levels.

We also saw the physical therapist today, Karen. She was very nice and I think I will like her. She pretty much told me the same things the OT told me last week, so just keep working on tummy time and holding her in different positions to make her work her neck muscles....we'll go back in a month to see both the OT and PT and get new stuff.

More good news is that the last several nights Addie has been sleeping about 5 hours straight! I feel like a recharged woman! Now if I can just start getting things done around the house when she is napping! We'll see how that goes..

Hope everyone is having a blessed day and staying cool in this hot weather! Hopefully it won't be too hot on Sunday so we can enjoy the Kernel's game!

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  1. Oh I am so glad to hear all the good news! Way to go Addie! I'll be prayin for you guys and your blood work.

    You know, I bet you guys will really enjoy Thanksgiving as a family, just the three of you. And if the turkey doesn't go so well, Pizza hut will still be open. How bout I drop off a dish too. Just remind me. :)

    See you at 1:30.
    Love you all!