Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Audiologist Appointment

I know it's late, but if you're reading this before 1 o'clock pm wednesday, please say a prayer that Addie passes her hearing screen tomorrow. Her right ear has passed, but her left ear has not. When we had it checked when she was 3 weeks old they said she more than likely had fluid in her ears and to come back to get it re-checked at 2 months...so tomorrow is the appointment and hopefully she will pass! If the left ear fails again then we'll have to meet with the ENT doctor and discuss options...tubes, etc...

Also...Addie has her 2 month pediatrician appt. thurs so that means shots! Ouch! Not sure who it will be harder on, me or her..hopefully she'll do great and we could be over the 10 pound mark!

Tomorrow I have a friend coming over to watch Addie for a couple of hours while I get some things done (thanks Bonnie!) Hopefully I can get some things scratched off my to do list! I picked up Addie's birth announcements from Tiffanie from My Kids Occasion so now I have another thing added to that oh so long list! Can't the days be longer???


  1. You make me laugh. :) The days won't get longer hun... the list just keeps rolling over into tomorrow until eventually things have gone undone for so long that we just cross em off anyway. You'll soon figure out the "have to get done's" the "hope I have time for's" and the "maybe by next month's". :)

    I hope you really do like the announcements. Thanks for asking me to make em... It was an honor. Hope they do that beautiful baby girl some justice.

    So... we followed the doc's orders, but nothin yet.

    Will be praying for Addie!! Trent has tubes, let me know if you have any questions about that.

  2. It takes a while, but you will figure it out. You will find a new priority to your to do list, top always will be Addie.
    Hope things will go well today with the doctors. If she does need tubes, it is a very fast procedure. After Ben got tubes, he had very few ear infections (I am not saying none!). So, I was very thankful for them.