Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I need to complain, but really can't

So after sobbing for the last hour I thought it would be good "therapy" to blog, was planning on venting, but I just can't. You see, the University hospital called and they have to move Addie's surgery date. I think I started crying as soon as the woman started explaining that she needed to talk to me about some things....I just knew she was going to say something like this. Yep, they need to move her surgery date....and no, not earlier, later. She was very very nice and apologetic and I do understand, it is just very hard. I cannot complain because the reason they have to move it is because a high risk pregnancy is going to be delivered and the baby is going to be in the OR all day for a heart transplant and two other things.

So yeah, I really can't complain. Addie's surgery is not an emergency and this will just give her more time to get stronger. Me, on the other hand....not feeling stronger, that's for sure! I just had this day in my head and I am very much a planner. Zac had next week off from work, my mom had her substitutes lined up and fill in pastors scheduled so she could be there when we got home from the hospital. It just stinks. I didn't go to MOPS today to keep Addie away from germs, and now I could have. But really, I shouldn't complain.

Her surgery is now scheduled for the 23rd, which is a week later. ugh another week.......There is a chance they might have an opening on the 17th, but the nurse said to plan on the 23rd. So I guess we'll head back to Monmouth this weekend since my sister, brother in law and nephew will be in town as well as Zac dad and step mom from Reno, NV. Then the 10 day hibernation starts over....woo hoo!


  1. HI! Working on my blog today and wanted to mention Addie's surgery date. Then I double check and it has moved. Sorry!
    They did this to Ben too. Postponed it from early August to the end of August. It drove us insane. So sorry! I know how it is when you have the date and then you don't. {{hugs}}
    I'm still writing my blog about Ben's surgery. I should have it up later today.

  2. oh man.. that stinks! I know that this has to be sending your emotions all over the place! If you need to talk, call me!!! hugs to you guys~

  3. Oh I'm so sorry! How frustrating! I'll keep checking to see how it's going.

  4. I'm sorry they had to change her date; it's hard when you're mentally prepared for something to happen on one date and then have it changed on you!