Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My big girl!

Addie has just been doing so great. My friend Sarah let us borrow her bumbo seat and Addie has been sitting up in it very well and I give her a little bit of assist with her head control. She thinks she's big stuff! (I know, I need to get a pic)...

Addie had her second time in childcare at church today so I could go enjoy MOPS (mothers of pre-schoolers) at church and it was good. She did really well until the end when she started getting fussy, but I think she was just missing me.

She continues to do great eating her cereal. Tonight she was getting so excited and her arms kept flaling all over and so that makes it a little bit more tricky, but it's pretty cute. She also has decided it's fun to grab the handle of the spoon when I am going to put it in her mouth, and of course she puts a death grip on it and doesn't want to let go...so that makes it fun too!

Unfortunately, I think she is getting a cold as she has been sneazing more today and has a very runny nose, so that's a bummer...and to make things worse I started getting a sore throat tonight and now have an earache....yuck!

We don't have any plans this weekend so I'm pretty excited to just stay home and relax! Next weekend we'll be in Naperville so I'll get to see my 7 month old nephew, I can't wait!!!(oh yeah, and see his mom and dad too) =)

One of our friends we met through our DS group in town has a daughter that is having heart surgery on Thursday. Please keep baby Julie in your prayers this week. She is 7 months old and I now she will do just great!

Lots of random thoughts today, but just wanted to get an update.


  1. Sounds like Addie is doing GREAT! She sounds like a very strong hearted little girl. I bet she will give you a run for your money some day! I'm curious to know what Daisy Mae thinks of her??? Please tell your friend we will pray for her little girl. Love the Sandmans

  2. Go Addie!! Before you know it, she will be complaining because you can't shovel that food in fast enough like Penny does. lol It is such a miracle that our tet babies are doing so well. Thanks for the update!