Wednesday, December 3, 2008

5 months and learning.

I have not been blogging much as I vowed to start getting more done during the day. So far it has worked. Sent out Addie's birth announcements yesterday, yes, I said BIRTH announcements. Yes, she's 5 months. Yes, it's late. Oh well.
Also getting caught up on Thank you's from the Buddy walk and Addie's surgery. Slowly but surely getting things done. Finally!

We had a good thanksgiving. Spent the day with Zac's family and had a really nice time relaxing and eating. Got to finally meet Zac's new cousin Tyler, which I realize I didn't get a pic of him and Addie together! Guess we'll have to do that at Christmas. Sarah N, don't let me forget!

Having somewhat of a rough week as Addie turned 5 months on Monday. This 5 month old mark made me realize all the things Addie is not doing. I know I can't focus on what she isn't doing and need to focus on what she is doing. But it is very hard. I almost feel guilty holding other babies Addie's age and being so excited about them holding their heads up and standing up on my legs. I have always love kids and babies but why do I have to feel guilty about this? Why can't I just enjoy their progress and enjoy Addie's as well. Guessing this will just be one of those things that will get easier as she get's older. Or will it get harder? Not sure.

Zac came home from Men's Fraternity at church this morning and when I asked him how it was he said frustrating. He said it was about raising kids and different milestones and things that they will do. He said he couldn't help but thing about the things Addie hasn't done yet, or may never do. Very hard. Zac and I had just had a long discussion last night about our concerns with Addie and how we are going to handle them, etc. So it made me kind of sad that he is affected at something like going to Men's fraternity. Guess I never thought about stuff like that. Another thing to learn.

So this morning after Zac went to work I thought about the things Addie is doing. I worked with her a lot doing exercises and rejoiced in all that she is doing. She is pry wondering why she got covered in kisses for the last hour. LOL.

Addie is 5 months old. She laughs, coos and talks, smiles a smile that is very contagious. She recently start rolling over again from her front to her back. She started rolling over this way at 5 weeks but hadn't done it since her surgery. According to the therapist the way she was rolling over initially wasn't the correct way, but the way she is rolling over now is the correct that's good! Addie continues to doing really well sitting in her bumbo. Today she was sitting in it and even looking around the room...and she even got excited and smiled while looking around, so that was pretty cool too...I think that's what started the hour of covering her in kisses! On her tummy she continues to do well with holding her head up. I was playing with this lamaze toy dog that squeaks that grandma gave to her and she held her head in 90 degrees for quite some time before tiring. So that was very cool.

I know I just need to focus on all of the great things Addie is doing. Knowing that there will be frustrations and concerns as we go. But knowing that she will get will just take longer. I think another hard part is the unknown. Not knowing when she will hold her head up all the time, not knowing when she'll roll over from her back to her front, not knowing when she'll start to crawl. But I just have to remember that she will do all of these things, I just have to be patient. And the only way I'm going to be able to be patient is to just drown that one in prayers, because I have NEVER been a patient person.


  1. Oh Erin, I know this is a tough time, but you need to know that all of us are so lucky and blessed. The baby period for a typical child goes by too quickly and you wonder where the time has gone! I remember when Scott and I decided to have another kid we discussed how much I love babies and can't wait to take my time with this one. Well, careful what you wish for I guess. God must have heard me. I really do sometimes count this as a blessing, this pro-longed baby time. I love how cuddly she is and that she likes it when I hug her. I know Penny is a little older so she is at a better infant stage and not that newborn phase, but still, enjoy the blessed time you have with her and kiss her as much as you please!

  2. All children develope differently. Even my 4 children, all different ages, sexs and more are all different. They have never had heart surgery, so I'm not in that boat, but even the most natural children develop differently and at differnt ages. Addie has been through more than most adults in her 5 months here on earth and it should be expected that she would delay in some aspects of life...but SHE WILL develope nicely and I cant wait to watch her grow from reading your updates. She is one beautiful little girl@!!! I thank you for sharing her with me!

    Be patient...her time will come when SHE is ready.

    Prayers Always,

  3. Hey Erin, this is Sarah (Kenney) Horner! Your little girl is a doll!! I so know what you are going through with Addie not "meeting" the milestones. My daughter Riley is 5 and is so advance in everything...she reads, adds, spells, tumbles, etc. But my little boy Carson is 2 1/2 and lost his hearing at 8 months...after three surgeries he has regained most of it, however he is soooo behind. He doesnt know his colors, his own name, how old he is..nothing what a "normal" 2 1/2 year old should know. Its frustrating, but you are doing everything right when you look at what Addie can do...and not think about what she cant! I am sure her personality is like no other...I am sure she lights up every room she enters and she makes your life complete! I'd say shes doing a lot!! lol! Carson amazed us with how fast he picked up signed language and he copes with life very well...thats the only life he knows...he doesnt know hes supposed to be another way (according to the books!) Carson also has other health issues and as of today he weighs 24 lbs, so we deal with that and how his size will effect him later in life. Mrs. Daily never taught us any of this parenthood stuff in ADult Living....glad I found you and hope to keep in touch!