Friday, May 29, 2009

MR Waiver, Army crawling, and treadmill walking

Yeah, you could say we've had a lot going on lately...Obviously as you can tell working full time is royally kicking my butt! Anyway....I have videos and a ton of pics to post, including Addie's first time swimming...which she LOVED!! Now her baths well....I get a bath too!

Last week we went to the University and got qualified for the MR Waiver. This is a state program that we will get respite care, which is trained in home care so Zac and I can have dates, etc., there are lots of other services that come along with the waiver, but many of them won't start until Addie is older. The big helper is that we will get Title 19, so we'll now have that for her secondary insurance, so hopefully that will take care of the extra bills each month! To get qualified she has to have a defecit..I think it is 25% but not sure...and the psychologist that worked with her and asked us the question deemed her to be meeting that defecit. VERY hard to hear, but I just have to remind myself that it is the best thing for her. We saw the Dr. in the DS clinic and she was very pleased at how Addie was doing. So that made us feel better after meeting with her...

We return to the U next week to get Addie's eyes checked. One tear duct has opened, but the other has not, so guessing we'll be looking at surgery at the beginning of June to open up the other tear duct.

Addie isn't crawling yet, and still has no teeth, but she is army crawling and going all over the place. I just keep thinking she'll be crawling any day now...but who knows..I just keep working with her and hoping it will happen soon....

At PT this week our PT decided we should try the treadmill...I was somewhat shocked when she said it, but then when we stood Addie up on it, she just loved it and did great! I am even more excited because our therapy center has a grant that has enabled them to purchase we get to loan one out so we can have this mini treadmill at home! We pick it up monday!!! I am just so excited!

Last weekend we were back at the farm to celebrate my little sisters engagement and my older sisters second baby to be announcement! So lots happening in 2010! This weekend we have a wedding in Des Moines and Addie is heading to the farm with my mom as she drove up tonight to get her...

When will life slow down?!


  1. Jax took forever to get teeth, he still doesn't have them all, but thats because he doesn't eat by mouth so nothing to push them through. She'll be crawling before you know it.

  2. You ARE so busy!! I know what it feels like to wait forever for the crawling, but it WILL come. And the treadmill training...VERY cool!!! :)

  3. Any chance you could pass along the name of your daycare? I'd like to try & get those for Marissa's center. That'd be SO great for her!

  4. Mayson didnt get her first tooth until she was 21 months old! and she never crawled. went from pushing herself backwards to butt scooting!!! Mayson also did the treadmill training and its the best ever!! her gait is so awesome and she walks so nice now!! she walks correctly which is KEY!
    yeh on the the MR waiver!!!!!!!!!!

  5. glad to hear all is well and your keeping busy. Cant wait to see pictures and videos.

  6. Hi. 1st time visitor here. Found you through Adrienne's blog "Our Unexpected Journey". That's great that Addie liked the treadmill. I recently wrote about our experience with that too at
    I'll be back!

  7. We just started Stella on the treadmill. Well, a month ago. :-) She's sometimes hip to it, sometimes not a fan. I hope it helps.

    Stella doesn't have teeth (14 mos).

    How old is Addie? I just found your link thru Adrienne's blog.