Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Need suggestions

I am looking to purchase a book to keep on hand to teach other children about Addie and why she might be a little different to them. I have My Friend Isabelle and My Friend Has Down Syndrome, and I really don't like either of them....any other suggestions?

It has not really been much of an issue with our friends' children, however I did have an encounter with a mom and her four year old who had not seen Addie since she was a baby and the 4 year old asked her mom why Addie looked different? So my heart just sank and her mom did a decent job of explaining, but we were both caught off guard. So, I think it is time to purchase some books to keep on hand for times like that.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


  1. I saw "We'll Paint the Octopus Red" in our Children's Hospital's Down syndrome resource center. You can contact your local Children's Hospital and many will have bibliographies of children's books that deal with different medical diagnoses. If not, contact the St. Louis Children's Hospital. They're happy to help in and out of state residents and I know they have an extensive list of picture books related to the topic of Down syndrome.
    Here's a link to the other book mentioned...

  2. ABC for you and Me
    Hi! I’m Ben!… and I’ve got a secret.
    Big brother Dustin
    Be quiet, Marina!
    I can, can you?
    Russ and the firehouse
    Our Brother Has Down's Syndrome
    Luke Has Down's Syndrome

  3. We have this book: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1604621486/bigblueye-20/

    and it's pretty cute. Annie tells all the ways she's 'just like you' and then finally says something like "I am just like you, except I have Down syndrome." When I read it to Kayla I leave out the 'except' part and have started saying 'she has Ds just like you! Kayla has Ds too.' Kayla likes reading the book :)

  4. Hey girl ... will you email me? I have to ask you something and I can't find your email on here. :)

  5. Hi, I'm Ben and I've Got a Secret is good. There is also a short video explaining Down syndrome to other kids at http://downtownds.com/kidzone.html

  6. WRITE YOUR OWN. I really hope you pursue this as a ministry and a dream! :)