Monday, September 6, 2010

2 year old preschool

My baby is going to preschool tomorrow.  It is something I have contemplated for a very long time.  I have mixed emotions about it all but know that time will tell if I have made the right decision.  I have prayed about it, mulled it over and over with anyone who would listen and the day has come.  Addie starts 2 year old preschool tomorrow.

Zac is an emotional wreck.  His baby is growing up faster than he can keep up and it makes him sad.  ( I know it will help once we have a baby #2 here, but God has had other plans...) I am really not emotional about it, just very nervous.  I want it to work out so very badly, but I have said all along I will be ok if it is not a good fit or just not time for her to be in preschool yet.  If it doesn't work now, I will try again after the holidays.  But you can bet I am praying hard core for it to work now.  I want my girl to walk in there and blow all those teachers and parents minds away.  It is just Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12.  The teacher has had two other children with Down syndrome her classroom a couple years ago, so that does make me feel better.  She has not with held her concerns, and really that is ok, she is being honest with me, and I have to respect that.  At the meet and greet last week Addie met a new friend that went out to the playground for a while so that was pretty neat to see another child accept her who hasn't grown up with her like our close friends' children.
I know that Addie is doing well for a 2 year old with Down syndrome.  But how well is she doing? Yes, she has over 100 signs, and lots of words, but other 2 year olds don't understand sign language and that moooooo to Addie is we'll see.  I go to bed praying that this very large back pack that sits in front of me will only bring home lots of notes from her teachers saying how well she is doing and that she isn't tackling children  too terribly often. (We have always let her wrestle with our friends little boy Lincoln as well as my nephew Corbett and I fear it is about to nip us in the butt)

I will be sure to post pics tomorrow of her first day of school.  It is sure to be an adventure!

On a side note....I am back to blogging, we will see if it sticks.  Mainly I just realize how quickly Addie is growing up and I don't have time for scrapbooking to keep track of her progress, so this is really the best way....

She is ready and we are doing the right thing.


  1. she will do fine just hope you and zac do :)

  2. She is a wonderful little girl. The other kids in her class and the teachers will learn so much from her and you and Zac. I love reading her updates and seeing how grown up she's getting. Thank you for sharing your sweet little girl with us!

  3. Erin, Addie is getting so big. The next time I am in Cedar Rapids Maddy and I will stop by. Addie is such a sweet little girl. Love you guys.
    Maddy and Vanessa