Sunday, August 28, 2011

USCIS Approved for I-800A

After two months we are finally USCIS I-800A approved! We mailed the form on June 18th and the approval was dated Aug. 19th. We received it in the mail on Aug. 24th! (this is for all those future adoptees looking for timelines...because I've been scouring the web for them! LOL)

And, of course, God used this day to further the evidence of His might hand bringing our daughter home. The same day we got our USCIS approval we received a significant donation check in the mail. How cool is that?! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us, not only financially, but emotionally as's been a long road and it's not over yet. =)

So now what? The assignment committee meets in Cuenca on Sept. 15th. So we PRAY PRAY PRAY that our case/dossier will be reviewed and approved. We are on the roster to be reviewed, but there have been times that the committee will reschedule their meeting, or not review all the cases, etc, we are asking for prayer that the committee does meet on the 15th and that they do review and approve our case!!

Once we are approved with the assignment committee we will get the "official referral" of our little girl. We then submit that referral back to USCIS here in the states and wait for approval of Sister....praying that it doesn't take the 2 months that it took for Zac and I to be approved. Once Sister is USCIS approved we will send that back to Ecuador and then we get a travel date! We are nearing these final steps. So exciting but so much to be praying that all goes without hiccups so that we can spend Christmas in IOWA with our girls! Can I just say how much I enjoy typing GIRLS!!! LOVE IT!!!

We are still throwing around the idea of taking Addie with us...but there are so many what ifs. 6 -8 weeks without her momma would be very hard on her and then to have me come home with another child would just not go well. But with her heart issues she can't be a certain elevations, so I have to check with her cardiologist to get his input. Our pediatrician is willing to send a prescription with us to use if she were to get sick so we could avoid a trip to the dr....but I just don't know what the best answer is and I have yet to feel like God is really pushing us one way or the other. I know that it would be easier on Sister to have the sole attention of Zac and I, but again, I just don't know...something to continue to pray about...

We have a fundraiser coming up on Sept. 17th back in IL where Zac and I grew up at the Applebees in Galseburg. They do "Flapjack Fundraisers" are $5 and we give Applebees $1 for each ticket sold and the rest is it's a pretty good deal! Just have to help bus tables and that's it! So if you're in the area, come join us! Sept. 17th 8am-10am.

In non-adoption news Addie has started school and is LOVING it. She comes home so happy and content and her teach has been awesome. She is also riding the bus, which was a very hard decision, but once Sister comes home she'd have to ride the bus then, so we decided that it would be best to start now so it's not such a change later....but the good news is she loves riding the bus and the driver and his rider (picture your grandma and grandpa) are amazing. Every day when they come to drop her off, as the doors of the bus open I always here Addie yelling MOMMA!!! and waving her hands real big...yeah, that will NEVER get old! Love that kid.

Online fundraiser to be coming very soon! Our last push to Bring Sister Home!!!


  1. Congrats on your adoption! I grew up north of Cedar Rapids and now live near Des moines so exciting to find another family in Iowa! We brought home our little girl from Hong Kong in January and she also has DS. We are now in the process to bring her a little brother home from there as well with DS! You can't have just one can you?! Congrats on the approval!

  2. Hi Erin!! I'm also in Iowa! A little south of you (West Burlington). COngratulations on your upcoming adoption!! We brought our son home from Ukraine in November of 2010, he also sports that extra little chromosome. :) Mel(

  3. thank you for sharing I have been looking everywhere for time lines on processing !!! At least its gives us a little clarity!!! We are adopting from Canada (its a family adoption) and I have been physically here in Canada while waiting for the transition since we want to do anything possible to make this transition easier on our little girls. Congratulations on your approval and I am hoping ours comes soon. I really want to go home with our little ones so that they can meet their older brother and sisters !!!! Best wishes to all waiting for approval !!!