Wednesday, July 23, 2008

7 pounds 11 ounces!!

The visiting nurse was here today and Addie now weighs 7 pounds 11 ounces! I can't believe how much she has gained 6 ounces in 7 days! The goal was a half of an ounce a we surpassed that! Woo hoo! Grandma Pam and Great Grandma Moore came up today to see us. Grandma Moore brought a ton of sweet corn for us fresh from the farm! That pretty much made my week, maybe even month! I can't wait to boil some up and dig in! YUM! I love sweet corn, can you tell? That brings me to the next appetite is slowly coming back! Yeah! A friend brought us a great dinner both last night and the night before and that sure helped! Today we received an edible arrangements basket full of fruit and I couldn't wait to dive yeah, I'd say I'm doing better! Praise God, that is such an answered prayer because I didn't want my loss of appetite to affect my milk supply.

Yesterday we took Addie out to our bible study. We were about 15 minutes we still need to work on exactly how long it takes us to get ready and out the door...we'll make that a goal...The bible study hit home. We listened to a sermon by a pastor in cedar falls...I'll try to find the link and get it posted, but it was good. I have struggled with wondering why this is all happening, what did we do? And the sermon gave me a peace that was so good. God gave us this little girl to glorify Him. She is going to glorify God in so many ways in her life. God is going to use her to bring others to Him....I pray she does! I am so excited for her life in Christ!

I was able to get some errands done since the grandma's were that was huge. I am slowly getting caught up on different things that needed done, so it feels good to get the list checked off! Addie is sleeping, the grandma's are it's nap time for me!

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  1. Welcome to my world mommy! No more comments about my always being late. :)

    And yes, Addie will glorify God. But so too will you and Zac. You guys have so much already! I have really been encouraged by you Erin and by your faithfulness. The way you guys have handled everything is really a huge testimony and I am so
    excited about you guys being involved with the Downs organization. So many other families going through what you are do not have the Source of strength you do. You guys have a great opportunity to help offer them the hope and strength of our Lord.

    Love you all!