Friday, July 25, 2008

Good night!

Addie had a great night last night! She slept for just over four hours between feedings...this meant longer sleep for me! Yeah! She didn't sleep that long the rest of the night, but once was great! I think she was really tired as she had been wide awake from 3:30 till about 9 o'clock last night. It was a little rough getting her to fall asleep because I think she was soo tired at that point, but she eventually fell asleep with me rocking her on my chest. ( I love that!)

We have also increased the amount we put in each bottle every time to 80ml up from 70ml. She had been finishing the 70 ml bottles a couple of times a day, so we'll see how she does with 80ml. At her last feeding, she did finish it, so we'll see how many 80ml feedings she takes today! I think we could be breaking 8 pounds at next weeks visit to the cardiologist! I had to buy another pack of newborn diapers last night....hopefully the last and then we can start using all the size 1 diapers that we bought before she was born.

Yesterday we had our appointment with the OT (occupational therapist). We were supposed to see the PT as well, but she had to cancel due to a sick child, so we'll see her next week. We actually left the house in time and were early! Our OT's name is Angie and is really nice. Of course, Addie didn't want to wake up for her, I think we tried just about everything. She finally did wake up towards the end and took a bottle and filled her the OT got to see her eat and move around a bit, so that was good.

Angie said Addie's suck was good and that it is good that she takes a pacifier as that will help develop the muscles of her mouth and tounge. She thought Addie took the bottle well and isn't concerned that some of the milk leakes out the side at times. She said that will decrease as time goes on. She also said Addie takes the bottle in a good amount of time, so that was good too.

Angie will be working with Addie on daily activity things, general movements, eating, she gave us some things to work on. She said tummy time is really important as that will help to build up Addie's neck muscles and shoulder girdle muscles and help to make her tone better. Down Syndrome babies typically have low tone, which all of the therapists that Addie has seen has said that her tone is pretty good. Angie also gave us some things to work on with visual tracking and ways to hold her to force her to work her neck muscles. So overall it was a good visit. We'll see the PT next week and then start seeing both at the same appointment next month. We'll see them 1x a month for a couple of months and then increase as Addie grows and is able to do more things.

Last night Zac surprised me with flowers and wine (moscatto fav). He shucked all the corn, helped cook, and clean up! He blessed me so much last night! So I just wanted to brag on him and say how much he has been my support and strength through the last almost four weeks now and I can't imagine my life without him... I love you madly Zac! Addie and her dad are going to be best buds, I can just see it now....Zac will be working on trying to obtain the "perfect" lawn and Addie is going to be right there beside him with her play lawn mower that blows bubbles....oh I can't wait!

Today I'm going to try and get some housework done....we'll see how far I get. Tonight we're going over to some friends house for dinner (to include sweet corn) and hang out for a bit. We don't have much planned for the weekend. A birthday party grill out on Saturday night should be fun, and then we're going to attempt to take Addie to our sunday school class. We were going to try church, but decided our class would be a good start and then can see about church next week. Until then, God Bless!


  1. that's great that she's taking in more from the bottle and sleeping longer stretches now! I know how wonderful that is as my Lucas isn't quite sleeping through the night yet - so those 4 hrs are nice :)

  2. So glad you are getting a little more sleep! The early baby days are hard on sleep, always!
    Go Addie! She is eating like a champ! Sounds like your OT is great and has great advice.
    What a sweetie Zac is!
    Have a great weekend!

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