Sunday, July 27, 2008

Alert, Awake, and ready to play!

Addie has been having longer and more awake times the last couple of days. It has been a lot of fun and I just fall more and more in love with her the more times those eyes look at me. She is having 2-3 hour awake times and we manage to do tummy time and other things the OT gave us to work on. I think she is doing so good! She likes to be able to sit up and see everything around her. She has become more and more aware of Daisy (our dog) and hears Daisy's tags and looks to see where she is at. When Daisy walks by she is always looking at her, it's neat to see.

She has however, decided that she doesn't like to sleep in her bouncy seat and falls right to sleep as soon as you pick her up and hold her. I did manage to get her to fall back asleep in her swing tonight, so that was good. I was starting to get worried that she was only going to sleep if we held her, but she's been asleep in the swing for some time now.

We managed to make it to our sunday school this morning. We were going to be on time, but as soon as I had changed Addie's diaper, got her dressed in her cute little outfit and matching shoes, she of course let it rip and filled her we were late. Other than that, it was a success!

I am really looking forward to next sunday. We are going to the Kernel's game and having a picnic with all the families for the hawkeye area down syndrome association. It will be so good to finally meet some of the other women that I have talked to or emailed with. I'm sure it will be somewhat overwhelming at the same time, as it will be the first time Zac and I will be able to interact with other children and adults with down syndrome. But I know it will be a ton of fun! Can't wait!

This week my goals are to finish cleaning our bedroom and sorting through what clothes fit me and what don't, finish sorting clothes in Addie's room that were loaned to us and figure out what I want to use, get a good start on the thank you's, call the plumber and get him to come back and finish digging the sump pump, and find a way to celebrate Zac and I's two year anniversary (on the 29th). So I'd say that's a good list of goals for this week. I could think of more, but that time has come again...time to pump!


  1. I love reading your updates! You are such an incredible mommy! How blessed is that precious baby!

    Glad to hear she stayed asleep for ya. I know, speaking of sleep, what am I doing up? Stephen is at work and I don't sleep without him anyway. I'll hit the hay soon. Just wanted to catch up on Addie's journey. :)

    Love you all, and hey, if you don't get to your entire to do list, don't stress out. The world of mom if full of grace! Can't believe your anniversary is commin up! If you need a sitter, feel free to call! I'd love to come over and sit with Addie.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I hope you and Zac get some time together.

    You are getting into the fun times, when baby stays awake for longer times, and has better sleep patterns. Sounds like you are enjoying it!

    I'm really looking forward to meeting you on Sunday! I'll have a few things for you from HADSA, to welcome you.

    We found out about Ben having Ds before he was born, so met several parents at a HADSA meeting. Seeing the kids play made the biggest impact on me. I knew then that everything was going to be ok. I hope you have a wonderful experience meeting all of us too!

  3. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! And thanks for letting me know that you enjoyed T's skiing video. :) Our girls rock don't they? Many hugs and I look forward to watching Addie grow!

    Please feel free to email me if I can do anything for you!

  4. See you at the Baseball game!! Cant wait to meet you and your sweet girl!