Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A busy week ahead!

So I am sitting here realizing how busy our week is about to get. Yesterday was our first "diaper run". We had purchased plenty of size 1 diapers, but we didn't purchase newborn diapers, so we had to get more of those...this took us to toys r us with a last minute stop to target for a couple odds and ends...that wore me out and well, Addie slept the whole time...and grandma chauffeured. Today the visiting nurse is coming by, which we are very excited to see how much Addie weighs because I can tell just by holding her she is bigger! Tomorrow is the pediatric cardiologist which I'm guessing will take up most of the morning as they are first repeating the echocardiogram followed by seeing Dr. Zittergren. Then tomorrow night the photographer is coming by to get some pics of Addie! Thursday we see the developmental specialist in the afternoon, and sometime today the pediatricians office will be calling with an appointment time for the audiologist to get Addie's left ear rechecked. Thursday night Grandma Marcia is coming into town to see Addie too!

So I'm thinking this week is going to fly by! Grandma Pam is staying till friday and then heading back to Monmouth. I know Zac and I can handle everything here, but having company throughout the day has been so nice!

It is hard when I can't just pack up and get out of the house whenever I want. And not being able to take Addie out for another 2 months is going to be difficult and will definetly try my patience. I can take her to the store, but that is about it; and even then, I want to keep those trips to a minimum.

Next week will be good for us to start getting into our routine minus grandma...my fear right now is just getting lonely during the day and my mind going wild with all of the thoughts and fears of what is ahead. I know I can call on friends to stop by whenever I'm needing them, but it will still be hard. Hopefully by the end of next week my doctor will clear me to atleast start going for walks so that will be good.

Zac and I went to our bible study last night while grandma babysat, it was so nice to have some social interaction and watching the NOOMA video was good too. Hopefully we can line up someone to watch Addie on Monday nights so we can continue going until we can start bringing Addie with us.

Well, I thik I'm just rambling now, so I better end this. I'll give an update after the nurse is here with Addie's weight!

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