Friday, July 11, 2008

First days home

Addie came home on a Tuesday night around 7:00. Our friends Tim, Sarah, and Lincoln came over with dinner to see Addie and so we could all watch Hell's Kitchen (season finale) together. After dinner grandma watched Addie while Zac and I ran to target to get size newborn diapers (we didn't purchase as we thought our baby wasn't going to be very small) =). Addie had a good night of eating with lots of poopy diapers. Grandma helped out a lot being there and just slept on the couch and would get up and help me with the feedings and pumping. On Wednesday grandma babysat so mom could run a few errands, which I learned quickly that my body wasn't quite ready to be out running errands, so it was just a quick stop to the vet for some dog food and to target to get some groceries. I feel like I have to eat all the time...being a milk producer is some hard work! W e had some more visitors Wednesday night so that was fun. At one of Addie's feedings wed. night she took 50ml! A full feeding is 40ml, so we were pretty excited! I think it may have given her a little bit of a tummy ache as she was a bit fussy for a while, but once I put her skin to skin (kangaroo) she was feeling much better. Wednesday night was another good night with good eating. I was able to get some more rest as I figure out a good routine. Thursday came and went quickly. The visiting nurse came and weighed Addie, checked her vitals, and answered questions. Addie weighed 7 pounds 0.2 ounces! She has gained weight...way to go Addie! She is starting to have more awake times and is moving around and squirming more. It is fun to see the new things she is doing with each day. Tonight is going well and she seems to be getting on somewhat of a routine and is taking more at each feeding. We see the pediatrician tomorrow and it will be good to see how he thinks she is doing. Yesterday I also did strictly bottle feedings with breast milk and I felt much more relaxed at each feeding. I can't decide what I want to do as when she breast feeds, there is no way of measuring how much she takes and I therefore don't know if she is getting a good feeding. When I just pump and then give her the milk in the bottle it is a measureable amount and I can be comfortable that she got enough to eat at each feeding. I talked to the lactation consultant today and she gave me some ideas about what to do and said that if I chose to pump and use the bottle, she thought that wouldn't be a problem and my milk supply should stay good. I can't believe another friday is almost here. I am just so thankful for how well Addie has done...she's almost 2 weeks old!

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