Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A day with Addie

So yesterday Addie and I decided to head back home to my parent's house in Illinois and hang out on the farm....Addie slept the whole way home and did great! Today Addie and I hung out at my parents house (gma and gpa's), great grandma Moore made lunch and then we went out to the campground for dinner and had some yummy burgers with my parent's and their friends Ron and Robin. While we were out at the camper, I was changing a dirty diaper and Addie started peeing in the middle of it and wet her outfit, soaked the new diaper, and of course got pee on the couch in the camper....and that was just the beginning

When we got home it was bath time for Addie..I was in the bathroom with Addie laying on my lap undressing her, as I pulled off her diaper to put her into the tub the pee began to flow....all over her, all over I put her into the tub, took off my shorts and then I heard the bubbles....I look down and there is lots of yellow floaties!! YUCK!! So I hollered for grandma and drained the water out of the tub, passed Addie to grandma while I cleaned the poo out of the tub, put fresh water back into the tub and then proceeded with getting our little girl we finish the bath and head to my bedroom where I laid Addie on the bed on top of the towel to dry her off and get her dressed....and the peeing started again! Soaked through the towel and of course onto the clean bed sheets! Aahhhh! I have never dealt with so much peeing and pooping in the wrong places in one day! So I soak up the pee on the sheets, dry Addie off, and as I am getting frusterated Addie looks up at me, her eyes begin to squint and the smile takes up her whole face, the frustration quickly leaves me and I would let this girl pee and poo on me any day as long as I get smiles like that! I just love it!

Addie is going to get to meet so many family this week and I know she is excited. She already met her Aunt and Uncle Brad and Krista and Clayton and Chloe, and her Uncle Larry and Friday night Zac's family is having us out for dinner so she'll get to meet her Great Grandma Ruth (the one she is named after...Adelynn Ruth) and lots of Aunt, Uncles, and Cousins...Susie, Tom, Judith, Sloane, Carly, Morgan, Jae....! It will be so much fun, I'm looking forward to it as Zac's family is just so much fun! Between today and this weekend we'll also go meet Great Grandma and Grandpa Bishop(Zac's mom's parents) and also stop by and see grandma Marcia (Zac's mom). We'll also be visiting some other Aunts, Uncles, and cousins that live around my parent's house too...Sherry, Connie, Gene, Deb, Michael, Matt, Kylie, and yeah, you could say we'll be busy..but we're really looking forward to it!

Zac is missing us like crazy! He has been so lonely without his girls at home....says he doesn't look forward to the end of the day when he has to go home to an empty house...poor thing! We do miss him and hopefully he'll come down friday and join us! I know Addie will probably have a huge smile for him when she sees him! Can't wait!

Well, better get to bed and rest up for tomorrow! Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Those smiles make it all worth it! I can't wait until you get a good picture of her smiling!
    You had me giggling when I really needed it today. Thanks! I have so been there when the timing just seems all wrong on the diaper end.

  2. hehe!! OH I love it!!! Sounds like you are enjoying your time with family! lets hope she doesnt pee on anyone else!!
    by the way, call me when you have a chance! I got the charms!

  3. Hi Erin! Got your comment and wanted to say hi! Addie is just a doll and I LOVE her name! It's nice to "meet" you and hope we can get to know you guys better. I'll be checking out your blog often!