Friday, August 15, 2008

Nine Pounds!

Holy cow! We saw Dr. Fox, for a check up for Addie and I and Addie's current weight is 9 pounds 0.2 ounces!! She is now 21 1/2 inches long! She is in the 75th percentile for weight and length on the Down Syndrome growth charts! Dr. Fox said we can discontinue the food log and the Neosure! So we will see if Addie continues to gain weight with straight breast milk, which I am confident she will...but something to keep in prayers!

So we are getting ready to gear up for the annual Down Syndrome Buddy Walk in October. Zac and I are sitting here watching the Olympics and trying to think of a witty team leave your ideas and we'll take a vote...Zac and I aren't very creative...we can't really think of anything very good or appropriate....Adelynn's journeymen......Addie's Fatty's..yeah, we got HELP!


  1. Alright... getting closer and closer to Nevan's birth weight (man, I hope this one isn't a COW). Awesome progress! And I'm sure she will do fine.

    Yup, fun times yesterday in the park... At least we had eaten and I had my phone. I think we determined that Nevan was the culprit.

  2. wow she is doing great!!! I cant wait too see her again and how big she has gotten!
    How about Addies Promenade? just a though. A's are hard!

  3. How about Adelynn's or Addie's Daisy's or any of the following:

    All Stars

  4. Eric and I are brain storming... (keep in mind it has been a long day and we are a bit tired!)
    Addie's.... activists, adventurers, amblers, A-list, A-team, accomplices, accompanists, acrobats
    Well, we tried.
    Kind of fun. We went for an easy one with Ben's buddies.

    So exciting about Addie's weight! She is full of the best surprises! Keep it up!

  5. Eric just thought of angels for you. I love that one!
    I see someone else though of that one, too.

  6. Sure will call if I need to. :) Thanks.

    Have to be honest (and I am really sorry)... I redesigned your announcements AGAIN. I don't know what it is, I couldn't come up with anything I liked (until last night). I cried over those darn things a couple times... I think I just wanted too much for them to be perfect for Addie. I don't know. It was like writers block, but craft block or something. Anyway, the whole barn theme is done away with and I went back to the store yesterday and finally came up with a cute little design - that I am hoping to finish tonight. Hope you were serious about the take as long as you need. :) Hey- do you want this blog address on them?

    Love you guys.

    PS I like Addie's Angles. Or maybe...
    Daddy's Addie
    (and you could put a verse under it- cause it could mean Daddy as in God our Father too)

  7. I thought Addie's Fatties was a great name! Maybe Adelynn will be tall for someone with DS like my Gabi!

  8. That is great news. All the extra stuff is hard to manage, so coming off the extra joules is great.