Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yes, we're still here.......

I know, I know....the week is almost over and I am just now getting around to me, I've heard it from everyone! =)...but it makes me happy that so many people actually read my randomness and care about Addie!

I can't believe it is Thursday..this week has just flown by, I guess I didn't realize how much the weekend wore me out!

SO...the weekend was GREAT! Addie did great in the car, aside from filling her pants on the way home on Sunday at a stretch of road that didn't have any great rest we had our first diaper change in the back seat of the car! She did great with staying at the hotel, and since we stayed with my parents, my mom (aka grandma) helped me in the middle of the night with feedings...yeah! Corbett (my nephew) baptism was very nice and Addie slept through the service. Pictures in the picasa link...Following the baptism we all went back to my sister's house and there were 6 babies under the age of 6 months! It was so fun! Of course, Addie showed off for grandma and grandpa and rolled over for them.

Monday and Tuesday we spent the day catching up on rest and getting back into our routine. Wednesday we went to our new OT at Witwer and I am so glad we switched. I really like our therapist and they have a brand new facility with many things that will be great for Addie once she gets older. Today grandma came to visit so I could go to the dentist for a filling (YUCK!) and run some errands. Tomorrow we go see the pediatrician so I'll be excited to see how much she weighs and hopefully we can discontinue the food log.

Addie is starting to smile and tonight she was entertaining us smiling at Zac and I. I almost started crying because her face just lit up and I just wanted more!

I am thinking she is going through a growth spurt as she has been eating a ton and her sleep schedule is a little out of wack..

Well, hopefully you enjoy the updated pictures of Addie. I am looking forward to getting some more stuff crossed off my to do list tomorrow with grandma being here...then I can hopefully keep up with my blogging as well!


  1. That is incredible Addie is rolling over already! I looked back in Alissa's baby book. She didn't roll over until 3 1/2 months.

    I think Addie is going to do great!

  2. So glad the weekend went well! I'd been waiting for an updae (I'm one to talk this week!) We saw the new Witwer facility yeaterday. It is wonderful. Not completely done outside (lots of outdoor play equipment!), but should be by next week. Who are your new therapists? Have a great weekend!