Friday, August 8, 2008

Week recap and busy weekend ahead

Well, I haven't posted much this week, it has kinda been a slow week, which has been a nice change! I did realize that I didn't blog about the kernel's game last sunday...We did make it and it was great! The Hawkeye Area Down Syndrome Association (HADSA) presented us with a great gift basket full of all sorts of goodies. We met several families and other children with Down syndrome. We got a wealth of knowledge and input from several families regarding insurance, surgery, places for PT, all sorts of great stuff. I'm still kicking myself for not taking any pictures of my new friends (adults and children) =). Of course, they all thought Addie was so cute, and she of course, slept the whole time.... Overall, despite the heat, it was really great. I am already looking forward to September when we will all see each other again at the Build a Bear event!

After talking with the families and getting some more info, Zac and I have decided that Addie's surgery will be at Mayo and we also switched her from Mercy PT/OT to Witwer Children's PT/OT. Both decisions will just give us the best possible people working with Adelynn and we only want the best!

Tuesday we had some great visitors..My friend Darcy has a cousin, Alissa, who has T21, so her mom and her were coming through Iowa to visit family and so they stopped and saw us! Jane and Alissa came by Tuesday afternoon and I can't say enough how great it was. Alissa was just great. She is 18 and will be a senior this year. (they live in Indiana) Alissa's dad made us a DVD of Alissa and all the things she has done over the years, it was just great! They brought Addie some books and spent over an hour talking with us. Alissa told me about her school, playing softball, singing in choir, dancing in show choir, having a boyfriend, working....she is a busy girl! It was just great to meet both Jane and Alissa, I just can't keep smiling when I think about her! I told them to stop by again the next time they are coming to Iowa and I really hope they do, because I think I could just sit and talk with Alissa for hours! Thank you Jane and Alissa for coming by!! I will cherish that time forever!

Wednesday the visiting nurse came....Addie is now 8 pounds 8 1/2 ounces!! I can't believe it. She is just gaining weight so great! We see the pediatrician next friday so we'll see if we have to keep doing the food diary and the Neosure supplement. Can't believe Addie will be 6 weeks old next Tuesday!

Wednesday afternoon we went over to a friends house to figure out the birth announcements and had some lunch. (thanks Tiff!) Addie was awake all afternoon on Wednesday so I didn't get much else done than that, but it was great to have so much awake time with her.

Wednesday night I got out of the house and did some shopping for this weekend. I saw Cynthia was doing the same (hope you found an outfit Cynthia!) I actually found something I really liked and of course, found something for Addie too...even Zac got a new shirt!

Yesterday was a pretty uneventful, we had our friends Colin and Bethany and their two girls over for dinner as I had made two crock pots full of vegetable soup. Zac and Colin spent the evening in the shop making computer monitor stands??? I know, I don't understand either....

Today, I am going to try to clean and pack for the weekend...we're headed to my sister's in Naperville for my nephew's baptism. It will be so good to see the family and get away for the weekend. This will be our first time out of Iowa since May! We'll see how Addie's first road trip and hotel stay goes, but Zac and I are both really looking forward to it. We'll also hopefully find a new crib for Addie since her other one got recalled...thank heaven's her pack n play had a bassinet level in it!

So I guess it's time to get crackin! Hope everyone has a great weekend, and yes, I will get some new pics of Addie up first thing on Monday! Patience people! =)


  1. Great news, I see! What a wonderful week you had! I hope you have a great time with your family. We are seeing family too this weekend.
    It was great seeing you out shopping and getting out for a little while. BTW, I did find a few things while shopping, but I didn't end up wearing them last night. LOL!
    Addie is gaining weight like a champ! Cool that seeing everyone helped you with some tough decisions. There is a HADSA message board too, if you ever want to post a question. There are a lot more really cool people in HADSA than you saw at the game!
    It sounded like the friends you had over were pretty amazing! So wonderful! Indiana has a strong DS group.
    Have a great time this weekend!

  2. Have a great time in Naperville! I hope Adelynn rides well for you!! She is at a pretty easey age for that thank goodness! Drive safe and call me when you get back!

  3. Erin,

    Alissa and I made it back to Indiana Friday night. We had a nice time visiting our family. It always goes too fast though...

    We are so glad we stopped to see you guys, we enjoyed meeting you and Addie! Alissa is all about stopping back to see Addie and of course Daisy! She kept talking about how cute Addie was...

    Hope you enjoy your weekend away!

    Jane and Alissa =)

  4. Trent recently asked if we could go see Daisy too. I think he just wants to see if you have more cookies though. :)

    Hope you are all having a great time w/ Leslie and Kelly..., and post pics of the baptism if you have em. Hopefully it isn't raining there like it is here! I was hoping to go for a walk this evening, but I guess not! I'll call you Monday about the announcements, even if you don't come to help, having you over again would be nice too. :) Again, sorry about the powder... really should of had you smell it. It's one of those love it or hate it kinda scents I suppose.

    Love you all!

  5. If I ever come visit Bethany and Colin again, I will have to make sure to visit you too! :-)