Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting bigger

We saw Dr. Zittergruen (the pediatric cardiologist) today and Addie now weighs 10 pounds 7 ounces! I have had to start packing away all of the newborn and even some of the 0-3 month clothes! She is getting so big! Dr. Z said we can still participate in the Buddy Walk, we'll just have to keep her away from any kids and any adults with sick kids. So that was good news.

Zac's dad and step-mom are coming in from Reno, NV to see Addie for the first time and we were worried we'd have to keep her inside, but Dr. said it will be fine for other adults to hold her as long as they're healthy and wash their hands first, so that was good news too..

Zac is working from home today and it has been really nice to have him around...I was starting to miss him with how much he's been working! We got a new and bigger deep freeze for all of the milk I'm producing since I have over flowed our other smaller deep freeze! I think we'll have plenty of room with this one!

I went to my new women's study that started today...we're doing the Beth Moore Daniel study and I'm really excited about it! We prayed for Addie today and since then my peace has returned regarding her health and the surgery. I know He is the ultimate physician and He is going to keep Addie healthy and be with her through the surgery and guiding the surgeons hands.

I think Addie and I are going to head back to my parents house for the weekend. Grandma and Grandpa are missing their granddaughter and I need a little break! Zac is going to be working all weekend, so this will give him time that he needs and allows Addie and I one more time back home before her surgery!

Think that's all for today, just wanted to let everyone know how big our little girl is getting! Have a good weekend!


  1. Yea Addie! She really is growing so big!
    We had to get to 15 pounds for Ben's surgery and it seemed like it took forever!
    I was wondering about the Buddy Walk. So glad you will get to go! It should be really fun!
    Have a good visit this weekend.

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Bethany has kept me update on Addie, too. And, I know Natalie and Hailey just LOVE Addie.

  3. I know Addie's upcoming surgery is going to be a blessing. You're going to be amazed at her progress afterwards. Jack had an ASD and VSD repair, and PDA closure just before he turned 3 mos. Please ask me anything you think I may help with (I think your mom has my e-mail address). I'd love to hear from you! I'll keep following Miss Addie's progress!

  4. hope you had a great get away this weekend!

  5. That Daniel study is a great one!

    Addie and her upcoming surgery are in our prayers too... but you know that!

    I can't believe your packing away the newborn stuff... Darci Ann will be in them for a while I think. I still can't get over how tiny she is.

    I figured you guys went home again... I couldn't find you at church. We have seen all the grandparent A LOT too. I think we've seen my parents more since Darci's birth than in the last year. Just kidding (sort of).

    I have to have my article in by the 1st, so let me know when might be a good time to get together for your interview.

    I have a shower invite for you... wonder if Darcy will make it that weekend. We should just stop talking to her if not. :) I named my kid after her... the least she could do is come for a visit. :) (does she read your blog?) :)

    Give Miss Addie hugs!