Thursday, October 16, 2008

A cold....

Addie's got a cold. Just when I think I am being as careful as I can, it fails. I've been sitting here all day kicking myself for going back home this last weekend. But I have to remember, she could have gotten it from anywhere. Zac could have brought it home, she could have got it at the Dr's office last week...anywhere. And for my sanity, I know it was good we went back home.

I took her to the Dr. yesterday to make sure that it wasn't going into an ear infection and he said her ears looked good, that it is just a cold and we just have to wait it out....He said her lungs sounded good, which was the important thing going into surgery..

We're doing the humidifier in her room and we elevated the head of her crib. Last night I was pretty upset about the whole thing, but this morning she woke up and her eyes weren't nearly as crusty as they had been the previous two nights and she didn't hardly cough during the night either. Hopefully we're on the tail end of the cold and she'll be better soon so she can have more time prior to the sugery to make sure she is healthy. We go in next wed. for bloodwork and they will do a white blood cell count to make sure her body isn't still fighting something. I'm praying that all will be well and we can move forward with the surgery on Thursday.

We have decided to stay in IA city on Wed. night since we have to be at the hospital at 6am on Thursday. My mom and dad are going to be in town so they're going to stay with us.

I have had several people ask me about visitors when we're in the hospital. As far as we know we won't be able to have visitors when we're in the pediatric ICU, but once we move to the pediatric floor then we'll be able to have HEALTHY visitors. I will post here on the blog if and when we can have visitors and based on how Addie is doing Zac and I will decide when that time will be.

Thank you for all of your continued prayers and support as we are now in the home stretch to the surgery!


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry Addie has a cold! I can imagine how that must have felt when you realized she did.
    Praying she will get over it quickly and she will be in top shape for her surgery.

  2. I remember trying to avoid every little germ before (and after for a while) Dom's heart was hard with two older kiddos in school. In our thoughts and prayers that your sweet miss recovers quickly and that surgery can move forward as planned.