Sunday, October 19, 2008

Productive Day.....FINALLY!

Well, we finally had a really good, relaxing, yet productive weekend! After 3 1/2 months the thank you's are done! WOO HOO!

We also switched bedrooms with Addie.....I know, sounds odd, but it totally solves several problems. You see, Zac's shop is below what used to be the nursery and so after 7:30 at night Zac couldn't work in the shop anymore because of the noise and keeping Addie asleep. Addie's room was also getting cramped with the crib, changing table, recliner, toys, etc. and I wanted to keep a bed in her room for nights when she is sick and I want to sleep in her the perfect solution...switch bedrooms and that way Addie's room is on the other side of the house from the shop and her new room is now much bigger to accomodate all the furniture and the queen bed! Pefect! I'll eventually paint her room to match her bedroom set, but for now, it works!

Zac has been feeling better, still has a cough, but for the most part is doing much better. Addie also seems to be doing better with her cold. She still sounds like there is some snot up in her sinuses and her eyes are still a little watery, but overall doing better. I am sending LOTS of prayers up to the Almighty Physician that all of her bloodwork will come back good and the doctors will be comfortable moving forward with the surgery.

We go for bloodwork Wednesday so I'll be dancing in the streets when they say everything looks good! It really is funny how God works. Her surgery was supposed to be Oct. 15th. But due to another baby needing surgery more, it was rescheduled to the 24th. Leading up to the surgery I was still in the dreading it kind of mentality, not really looking forward to it, worrying about it, etc...but these last few days I have really been praying for peace about it and I feel like He has provided that. I have a peace about the surgery and that everything will come back good with her blood work. I am finally feeling "ready" for this day to happen. And I think that if the surgery had happened on the 15th I wouldn't have experienced these feelings and wouldn't have been able to reflect that God had given me these things. He truley does provide, you just have to ask.

So here we are in the final countdown. Going to start packing a bag for Addie with some comfy sleepers for her, a couple toys she like to look at and talk to, her teddy bear, her night, night blanket, bottles....for me, a holding cross I received from my friend Kim, grandma Larson's sugar cookies and monster cookies, some magazines, the laptop to post updates for you all, the almighty pump so I can give Addie lots of fresh milk (I'm going to be adament that Addie gets NO formula...only mothers milk that I will provide).....Any thing else that has helped you through events like these?

Once Addie has her surgery and is healing comfortably in the hospital I'm hoping to finally catch up to getting to posting my 31 post to support Down syndrome awareness (31 for 21), and I have also received some blogging awards that I need to catch up on as well!

But for now, Addie is sleeping soundly so going to spend some QT with the hubby before the business of the week begins.


  1. I love hearing that you guys are recovering over there! Praying that all is better and good to go for next week.

    You are really getting so much done! I have just been happy that my dishes are caught up! LOL!

    Don't forget a camera. This is a hard thing, but she may have questions when she is bigger, and this is a way to explain how she got her battle scars. A way to record her recovery etc.

    A notebook to keep track of what is happening, thoughts, meds, names, etc.

    Pictures of Addie. One for you to look at while you pump--inspiration. Several for everyone to see what a beautiful girl she is. Put them around her bed.

    Music that Addie loves, to play for her while she is recovering. Music for you that you can listen to with headphones and tune out the world when you need to.

    Well loved books that you like re-reading, and can just fall into. It will be hard to concentrate sometimes. Failing that, something with short stories or even easier, magazines with lots of pictures. Well loved books for Addie. She will still be listening for your voice.

    God, patience, love, patience, and phone numbers for when you need to talk to someone when you have run out of patience. Don't forget mine!

  2. Glad to hear things are getting better! I am loving reading your blog...I am becoming a blog addict and have way too many bookmarked that I check waaaay too much!

    Have a great rest of the week...see you on Facebook.


  3. I'm so glad that the Lord has provided peace. I will be praying that it moves forward and that you continue to feel the comfort of our Father. Please remind me to pray as the day draws near. HUGS