Friday, October 24, 2008

Post Op day 2 Afternoon

Addie is doing OK. Very restless. They are currently working on taking out her arterial line as it kept bleeding when she would squirm, so they are just going to take it out. Addie is not very happy. Grandma is singing to her and that is helping. I can't watch anymore. It is so hard seeing her squirm and trying to cry but not being able to do anything about it.

They are waiting until later this afternoon to take out the breathing tube as she doesn't have a leak around the breathing tube, and they would like to have atleast somewhat of a little leak as that would mean there is not very much swelling around the tube. They have started a steroid that is supposed to decrease the swelling so that hopefully the next time they check there will be more of a leak around the tube and then will be able to extubate. Her chest x-ray looks good, so just waiting for swelling around the tube to go down. They would also like to see her be more awake, which means less morphine, so we're trying to find that fine line between getting her more awake, but not uncomfortable to where she is squirming around so much and pulling out lines and tubes.....


  1. Constant prayers coming your way for your beautiful girl. I'm glad she's doing so well so soon after surgery. Cant wait to hear that the tube is out.

    Love on her for everyone that is praying. She is just the most beautiful thing ever!


  2. in our thoughts and prayers....hopefully, that tube well be long gone soon....

  3. That is AMAZING that they want to extubate on day 1 postsurgery! She must be doing just great! It's good that they're being careful. And I remember that torture of seeing my little one uncomfortable and not be able to do anything. I had to just go out for a while several times... I just couldn't watch.

    We're praying for continued quick recovery! So far it really sounds like she's ahead of schedule. Go Addie!!

  4. One tube at a time...closer to getting out of there. Glad to hear that Addie is doing fairly well. Way to go Addie!

  5. I forgot about how hard it is to watch your child cry without any sound. Hoping to hear that the swelling goes down quickly.
    Keeping you in my prayers.