Friday, October 24, 2008

Wednesday Oct. 22nd Night before surgery.

After we left the hospital we went to the hotel, the Sheraton, and got settled. It was happy hour in the concierge lounge so we got some snacks. Shortly after our friend Molly came by with a gift for us from a group of friends (gift cards for the cafeterias at the U and $ for parking pass) THANK YOU! and then my parents also arrived. We ordered pizza and mom and I gave Addie her bath using the hibiclens and scrubbing her chest and groin, she didn't like that too much.

I attempted to put Addie down around her normal bedtime 7:30/8, but she just didn't want to fall asleep with all of us there, so I went ahead and just let my mom and dad enjoy her and play with her. Around 9:30 she took a bottle and went to bed. Around 12:30 I heard her talking and got up and mom fed her a bottle and put her back to bed.

We all got up around 4:30 to start getting ready to be to the hospital by 6. Addie got up around 5 and was pretty fussy for 20 min. or so and then eventually calmed down and fell asleep. We couldn't feed her after 2:00am, so it was hard to get her to be happy, but she was pretty good. She liked Grandma singing to her and that seemed to calm her.

We all got ready and packed up the car and headed to the U and arrived shortly after 6 (a little late but it was OK)

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