Friday, October 24, 2008

Post Op day 2 evening

Well....didn't get extubated today. But that is OK. There was another baby in the PICU that was extubated and then had to be re-intubated today and so I think that made the neonativist more cautious about extubated our little Addie and that is fine with me. They decided it would be best to give her a good couple of doses of the steroid that decreases the inflammation around the breathing tube. The doses come every 6 hours so by tomorrow morning they should be able to check and see if there is a leak around the tube and then if there is then can look to extubate. The one resident did tell me that they have to do a chest closure tomorrow morning, so they might not get to Addie's extubation until early afternoon....but it will be first thing after they get the other person's chest closure done.

So only one tube out today (arterial line in left wrist) but really, we're all OK with that as we don't want to rush the extubation and then have to have her re-intubated. And since they decreased her morphine drip and took out the arterial line she has been resting really well and even opened her eyes for a bit (of course it was when Zac and I had went to dinner so only grandma got to see). They do have orders to give her some meds to help her sleep tonight if needed so that is good.

On a sad note, they did have to restrain her wrists as she kept trying to reach up and pull out her breathing tube and that would NOT be good. I just remind myself that it is the best thing for her and the restraints aren't hurting her, they're just making sure she doesn't pull out a tube before it's ready to come out. But this is a sign at how strong she is getting and so that's good.

There is also a chance that they could take out the two tubes that are drainig out of her lungs and around her heart. they are the bigger tubes that you see coming out of her chest at the bottom that are very red. They have drained very little today so when she goes 6 hours with little draining out of them, then they can be taken out! So also a chance that those could come out tomorrow as well! I'm trying not to get my hopes up so I won't be disappointed.

Tonight Zac and I went out and had a date night and went to BW3's. Grandma stayed with Addie and tended to her. It was good to get out of the hospital for a while and know that Addie was in good hands. We have nurse Krista back tonight so that's good. Zac and I are headed back to the RM house to get some rest so we'll be back in time for the Dr's rounds at 8 tomorrow.

As far as visitors.....At this time you can just call Zac or I's phone and leave a message to let us know you want to come visit and we can call you back and let you know. It will all depend on what time she is extubated tomorrow and how she handles it. So it will have to be a call before you come type deal. By Sunday we should be Ok to say we're taking visitors openly, but we'll keep you posted on that. In the mean time, just call our phones and we can call you back and let you know as we can't answer our phones here in the room.

Thank you all for your continued prayers, words of encouragment and support. It is so neat to see all of the people that have come to the blog and see the comments. It will be so neat to show this to Addie someday when she's old enough to understand.
Thank you and we'll update in the morning after the Dr's rounds.


  1. One day at a time, huh? Glad to know that she is such a fighter! That will be good for her as she gets older.

    We were hoping to see you (Erin and Zac) tomorrow early afternoon. However, we don't have your cell phone numbers. Hopefully you have ours. If not, please give Cynthia a call and she can get it for you. We'll be in Iowa City so that would work. Otherwise, we can stop in Sunday afternoon on the way to Cedar Rapids.

    We won't see Addie as most of us are fighting off bad colds.

  2. We are really appreciating the updates. I think about what a source this blog will be for others who are about to go through what you are going through. You, Erin, Zac, and Addie are inspirational! We shall continue to lift you up to our PRESENT DAY MIRACLE WORKING GOD!
    Love you guys!

    Oh yeah - you asked when our baby was due - April 13... Grace and her new brother or sister will be 22 months apart. We are quite excited for the addition.

  3. Sounds like she's doing great, even if it is a bit slower than I hoped for you. Thanks for all the updates. Glad you and Zac were able to get out for a bit. I'll be praying for a smooth recovery and more tubes out tomorrow!

  4. You guys are still in my thoughts and prayers. Addie is in good hands... God's hands. Don't forget that! Kiss your precious baby for me. Love you. And can't wait to see you and miss Addie.