Saturday, October 25, 2008

Morning Post op day 3

Addie had a great night last night. Prior to Zac and I leaving she really woke up for about 5 minutes and gave me a half smile, her eyes got squinty but it was hard for her mouth to smile with the darn tube in....I of course was bawling my eyes out and trying to keep talking to her....she kept making her tounge curl like she does when she's ready to eat. I knew she was trying to tell me FEED ME MOM!!! She is just so darn cute! I felt terrible I couldn't feed her, but she wasn't awake for very long and she went back to sleep. It was such a good sign that my little girl is still there under all the tubes and wires. I'll be so glad to get the tube out and be able to give her some milk through her NG (feeding tube).

They also gave her some meds to help her sleep and she slept soundly until about 4:00 this morning and then she was up for a bit and then they went ahead and gave her another 1/2 dose of the sleeping med. She is still sleeping soundly. Her eyes have been really goopy and watery, so they gave her some drops so hopefully they won't be so red.

Zac and I were able to get some good rest at the RM house. I looked at my watch at 10:00 and didn't wake up until the alarm went off at 7. Grandma didn't sleep as well, but she said she just got to do some reading in one of her books.

Just listened to the cardiology rounds and Addie is doing very well. Many babies after a Tetrology of Fallot repair can have some arrhythmias but she hasn't! Her heart and vitals have all been stable. Praise God! They even called her fiesty! The plan for today is to extubate later this morning and possibly even take out her chest tubes! This could be a very big day for her!!! She still does not have a leak around the tube that they can hear, but the numbers on the monitor are indicating that there could be a small leak. They are waiting to look at the x-ray that was taken this am and then will be in to extubate, but probably more around 11 or so.

Zac headed back to CR to catch up on lawn mowing and to say hi to Daisy (our dog). Our friend Amy has been taking care of her, but I know Daisy will be so glad to see Zac.

Thank you for your prayers. Please pray that the extubation goes well and that they can take out her chest tubes today as well! I really want to get some milk in her as I know she'll really like that!

Here's a pic of what she's looking like this am, they have her propped up on her side so she's not always flat on her back. Got her blankets changed since she had gotten blood all over the others from her arterial line that kept leaking.

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