Saturday, October 25, 2008

The breathing tube is out!

They just finished extubating Addie at 2:30 this afternoon and she is doing well. Her oxygen levels are actually better than when she was intubated! It's the first time I've ever seen her O2 stats in the 99 and 100 percent! Woo hoo!

They also took out her NG (feeding tube throught the nose, which was hooked up to suction to suck out acid build up in her tummy).

They also took off two of the sticky electrodes that monitored oxygen and CO2, one on her forehead and one on her back. She didn't like that too much.

And lastly, they took out her catheter! Yeah, didn't like that either.

The best part is, she is still on very little morphine and she is resting very comfortably and seems to not be in any pain. God is so good. This is such a huge testimate to His almighty hand at work.

She has also had two dirty diapers which is another good sign, although they were really grouse! I went ahead and let the nurse change those. Hey, might as well while I can, right?!

They are going to let her rest for a bit, then will check the blood gases and as long as those look good I'll get to hold her!! YEAH!

Dr. Davis, the surgeon is in a conference speaking (I guess he's THE man around here) so he will come by after that and possibly be taking out the two drainage tubes!

Addie is left with a nasal canula to give her oxygen as needed, but right now it's looking pretty good! Here are some post-extubation pics!

Thanks for your prayers!


  1. Oh, gosh, Erin...she looks soooo good! It is truly amazing how well she is doing! Love the pictures, thanks for taking the time to do that. I really wanted to see her, but knew it would be REALLY bad if she caught my virus. :(

  2. wow! she looks great! better than before!i'm very happy all has gone sooo well.yeah God is so good....

  3. I am so happy for al of you,and how God has given you a peace about this. HE has had you all in his arms this whole time,and still is. Adelynn looks simply adorable,and quite confortable, and i am happy it is over,and the healing can now begin. Thank YOu God!


  4. She looks great! Yea, the tube is out and soon to be a fully wireless Addie! I am so happy for your family.
    Looking forward to hearing when you go home.

  5. Julie and John SandmanOctober 25, 2008 at 8:33 PM

    Erin, Zach and Addie: Wow! We now know that God is true! We have been keeping up on all of you through our daughter Kristy Sandman. You are always in our prayers. However, we are so happy to know that Addie picked you as parents as you are the best! We are so proud of you and will always keep you in our prayers. Julie and John Sandman

  6. Oh, I like these pictures much better:)!! She looks great Erin and very peaceful. God has definetly been answering's amazing to read your enteries and to see that God truly can move mountains!!! I'm glad you got a date night and a restful nights sleep. There might be a chance Tim and I will come down tomorrow night...we will see how I feel after the big weekend! Take care girl! Love, the Barcz's

  7. Woohoo...... going wireless!! God is So good!