Monday, October 27, 2008

Post op Day 6

Oh what a night and morning we have had. Addie has decided she doesn't want to sleep. Grandma and I got a couple of hours of sleep in between feeding and trying to get her settled.

They had to draw labs this am and he IV line wasn't pulling the blood very well, so they had to poke her heel and couldn't get enogh out of the first heel, so they had to poke he other heel. Then, the lab came back and said one vial had clotted and the other didn't have enough. Luckily, they are going to wait until tomorrow to try again.

This morning she was again not very happy, I wasn't sure if she was in pain, tired, or had a tummy ache. This was so hard for me. Anyone going through this should always try to have two people available. One to hold and rock so the other can get out of the room and take a break and then switch. I couldn't be here alone and do this. I am so thankful for my mom being here so Zac could go back to work.

The cardiologist came around this am and took off her nasal canula that was giving her Oxygen, so one more thing off! They are planning on moving us to a regular pediatric inpatient room, however, it will be a semi-private room, so it is a bigger room that you share with another baby, so I'm not to excited about that, but I guess it is a move torwards getting her home.

She has been eating better, so that is also good. They were able to discontinue the lasix, which was helping to prevent fluid retention around her heart. We are continuing giving her tylenol to help with the pain and did end up giving her a small dose of morphine late this am as she seemed like she was in pain. She's been a little congested and her eyes are pretty red, thinking it's from the morphine, but they keep suctioning out her nose, she doesn't like it, but it helps.

Her blood pressure is better today, still taking medicine to help with that.

She does still have her pacemaker wires in around her heart, but those should come out in the next day or so. (they were placed in case she has arrhthmyias but she has not!)

Overall looking good. Just trying to control her pain, and get her eating and keeping her peeing and pooping!


  1. Sorry the sleep and cry issues have hit. Poor Addie will be so happy when she gets home. Ben took lasix for six months after his surgery, so cool that Addie is already off of that. Not too much longer until you are home!

  2. Bless your hearts. what a time, and yet what a praise that she is doing so well. God has been with you every moment and we are all praying for you. You are a tough bunch,and moms are wonderful, aren't they Erin!