Monday, October 27, 2008

Post Op Day 6 Evening

This afternoon was MUCH better than this morning. Still not sleeping much, which meant no catching up for grandma and me, but atleast Addie was content. She was kind of in that groggy drugged state from getting morphine this am, but atleast she was comfy. They also removed her PICC line in her right groin, so that was nice.

We were moved to an inpatient pediatric room and so we have another baby in here, but the family is very nice. They are from Des Moines and are of Sudan decent. Diffficut to communicate with them, but very friendly.

Addie was weighed today and weighs 12 pounds 0.5 ounces! She has continued to gain at the rate she was even though she didn't eat for a couple of days! At 5:45 she ate 4 ounces and has been sleeping soundly for the last hour which was nice to get some dinner and relax for a bit. We'll see if this means she's going to be up all night!

The cardiology team came by to visit us in our new room and I asked about medicines and what the next couple of days would look like prior to going home. The peds cardiologist said that he couldn't beleive he could say this, but we could potentially go home as early as tomorrow! Not sure I'm ready to go home yet as I'm not confident we have her pain under control. But he is just in shock at how well she is doing. He was the one that had told me to plan on two weeks. He said the things that would keep her here are pain control and feeding. We did have to give her morphine this am so we'll see if we can get through the night and morning tomorrow without it. She did it good this evening so we'll see how that goes tonight and tomorrow. He said we would more than likely be sent home with tylenol, the blood pressure medicine, and possibly the lasix if she ends up needing them over the next day. Right now the lasix is prn, as needed and she hasn't had any since this am so we'll see.

Addie's soft spot on her head is somewhat sunken in, and it really bothers me, but the Dr.'s said that is very normal as the lasix makes her pee a lot and so it can kind of dry her out and make her a little dehydrated. This will get better as she is eating more.

They also talked about handling Addie and positions to avoid when lifting her, etc.

My mom is supposed to be going back to IL tomorrow, but she might stay till Wednesday. We'll make that call in the am after we see how the night and morning goes. If it was anything like last night and this am, she'll most likely stay (atleast I'll be begging her to!) but if it goes smoothly, she'll be headed home.

Here are some pics of Addie today. It is just amazing that yesterday she was still on the breathing tube and today she is down to just three wires monitoring her oxygen, breathing, and heart rate, one wire on her toe monitoring her oxygen and heart rate, and then a small IV line in her ankle that they can use if needed.

I've had a bad headache all day...I think the stress/adrenaline/lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me, hence the glasses.

and here is what she looks like today!

Can you believe this is what she looked like yesterday!

This is yesterday waiting to be moved down to the 2nd floor PICU room....I think you do a lot of hurry up and wait at the hospital....


  1. Thanks fo rthe pictures! The pink looks so good on Addie!
    Are Addie's cheeks ok? It looks like the tape irritated them quite a bit.
    She looks so good! I hope you get to catch up on sleep soon!

  2. Yeah..her cheeks got irritated from the sticky things in the NICU they should be better in a couple of days.

  3. The new pictures you posted look great!! I'm so sorry last night was rough for you and your mom...and Addie too. Hopefully you won't have any more of those. I'm sure it is tough for you too since she has been such a good sleeper at night for you. Tim and I talked about visiting tomorrow night so let me know if they send you home or if you think we should just wait to you get home?! I hope some sleep makes your headache go away! I'll be praying for continued patience for you as sometimes a we need a lot of that as mothers:) Talk soon, The Barcz's

  4. Oh, Yay!!! Congrats!! God is good! Addie looks absolutely wonderful! Hope you all can get a good night's sleep and that Addie will slug down a bunch of that wonderful-for-her mama's milk! We'll be praying for her to go home soon and for you to be at peace with that decision. Take care of yourself, too, Erin! ~The Nelson's

  5. She had to be hooked up to more stuff after we left yesterday, it looks like? She looks GREAT today! :) Are you really surprised that she is doing so well?! :)'s Addie after all! Will pray that Addie will go home when everyone is ready, in God's time! Love and hugs from everyone here! (Hailey keeps talking about seeing Addie and touching her arm)

  6. What beautiful pics of a beautiful princess! So thankful that she is doing well and what awesome news about a quick homecoming. I remember not being able to wait to get my little guy home but the morning we were to be released, I worried that I wasn't will be ok, I promise. And you are ready-just like I was, even though I didn't know it at the time. In our thoughts and prayers...

  7. Leslie shared your blog with Chris and me. We are so happy everything is going well. Addie looks wonderful. I would agree that pink is definitely her color :) We will continue to keep you, Zach and Addie in our thoughts and prayers. - Natalie Picchi

  8. Hailey was telling me all about seeing Addie when I talked to her on the phone the other night. She even told me she got to use hand sanitizer so she could rub Addie's arm! Glad to see how quickly she's pulling through! Seriously, I could tell from when she was born that she was one tough little cookie! YAY for Addie! What a blessing she is!