Thursday, November 13, 2008

4 month check up and week update

Oh my what a week we've had. Addie and I stayed in IL until Tuesday while Zac came back to CR for work stuff on Saturday. Pretty low key remainder of the week for Addie and I and on Tuesday grandma Pam drove us back to CR since she was off for Veteran's Day. Addie had her 4 month check up and got 4 shots...ouch! She actually did really well and only cried for a bit. She is now 24 inches long and just under 12 pounds. Just above the 75th percentile on the DS charts. Go Addie!

Unfortunately I did not have such a good day on Tuesday. I had a headache all day and Dr. wasn't so pleased with how I was doing. I had continued to lose weight since last month and am entering the unhealthy ranges for my height...and I continue to eat very ordered a whole bunch of bloodwork to check me over and make sure we're not missing something. He also had me get a flu shot and I hate shots! Oh well. We'll see if the bloodwork shows anything, but I might have to give up pumping since it could be the contributer to the weight loss.
By late afternoon we were home and I was not feeling well. I am so thankful my mom was still here as most of the evening was spent between the bed and the bathroom. Not sure if I had a stomach bug or what, but it was NOT GOOD! So grandma Pam ended up spending the night and then just got up early Wednesday to drive back to school by 8. Thank you mom!!!

Addie is now three weeks post-op and doing great. She has regressed as far as holding her head up in tummy time and while sitting, but it is slowly getting better as we have been able to work on it more this week since she is less sore.

Last night she went back to sleeping through the night from 8pm-7am! It was so great! Hopefully this will continue.

Today was her first day in childcare at church! I had bible study and we had clearance for her to be around other kids and she did really well! I was a little aprehensive but was able to get so much more out of the bible study since I didn't have to hold her, feed her, change her...all while trying to focus on the study. It was great! Will be doing childcare again next week! Yeah!

She also continues to do great with cereal. I'm giving it to her in the morning and at night and she is now opening her mouth for me and is just doing great. She is even getting excited when I put the bib on which is pretty cute too. Today she was crying in the high chair, but as soon as I put the bib on she was ready to eat!

There is updated pics in the picasa link...enjoy!

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  1. Hey I'll trade you some weight. LOL

    I'm so glad she is recovering well.

    Just an FYI the past few times I have tried to comment it won't let me. :-(

    I'm so glad you are able to go to convention! You will LOVE it! Wish I was going so I could meet you and Addie!