Friday, November 7, 2008

All good.....and we could do without the snow!

We made it to IL safe and sound, despite seeing a car rear end a semi at highway speeds and then watch the semi drag the car down the interstate...yeah, pretty scarry, but eveyone was safe.

Got the results of Addie's thyroid test and all is well! The test came back within normal that is good. We'll get it rechecked at 6 months, but for now, we're good to go.

Yes, it snowed today. NOT COOL. I was riding in the combine with my dad when it started...and it continued off and on all day...and is forcasted again for tomorrow. Luckily it is just flurries and nothing more. Really hoping this winter is like the last....ick.

Zac and I had a date night tonight. It was so nice! We felt like we were dating again, no baby, and I didn't have to worry about her (well, atleast not too much) as she was with grandma Pam and Papa Terry. She did fuss a bit for them, but it was all good and by the time we got home she was pretty content.

We're headed back to IA on Sunday and then we go to PT on monday and then Addie has her 4 month check up on Tuesday, so busy week, but I'll be excited to see how much Addie is weighing and how long she is!

I've had some time to catch up on some blogging and finally get out and "meet" some new bloggers. I am getting SO EXCITED for the conference in July and hope to meet all these great people in person! YEAH!


  1. Yay confrence! I went through and read a lot of your older posts, but I must have missed it, what heart defect did your daughter have?

  2. Glad you arrived safely and good news on the thyroid test!

    Are you talking about the national Ds conference in Sacramento...or is there another conf? I hope to make the Ds conf again this year, but we'll be in MD so not sure about making it across the country for that.