Monday, December 8, 2008

Cardiologist Check up

We had Addie's cardiologist check up with Dr. Mark today and we got great news! Addie is doing very well and Dr. Mark is very impressed! We get to discontinue the blood pressure meds and lasix! No more meds! Yeah! I am so glad to not have to worry about giving her meds anymore! Yeah!

We were supposed to be scheduled for an echo but for some reason it didn't get scheduled, so Dr. Mark just went ahead and did it himself! So he showed me all the things on the screen as he was looking at it and it looks SO much better than when he showed us her heart in the hospital! (since then it's just been techs doing the echos and they don't point out stuff) She does have a small leak by the patch and another small leak at her pulmonary valve, both of which are very minimal and normal. He just reminded me that we will always want to put her on anti-biotics with any dental work and surgeries. And that's it! We don't go back until June! Wa-hoo! Dr. Mark said he will have to let her surgeon, Dr. Davis know that he did a fabulous job and Addie is healing wonderfully!

Last night we had our DS group (HADSA) Christmas party and Addie got to sit on Santa's lap! It was too cute! I am a bad mom because I forgot to bring a gift for Santa to give her, but Cynthia helped me out and got a bear for her, so that worked out well! Zac got to go to the Bear's game in Chicago (and froze his buns off) so he unfortunately missed the party. Other exciting news is that I am the new HADSA Vice President for the coming year, so that should be exciting! I was very surprised by this but am honored and hope I fill the role as well as Cynthia!


  1. All great news!! Congratulations for Addie on her wonderful check-up, for you on your new vice presidency, and for Zac--at least he froze watching the Bears win! We're so happy for you guys and can't wait to see you all at Christmas!

  2. Glad you got a good report!! Isn't it nice to let go of the meds?!? Interesting that they told you that you'd have to pre-med with antibiotics for dental... that protocol was changed for our kids' post repair situations about a year ago, but maybe he's just being super cautious or something. Who knows... Way to go Addie!! Keep on getting stronger!

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  4. Cute Thanksgiving video. I love the picture of Addie sitting up in her seat with Daisy behind her. Glad to hear of miss Addie's good report. That's great! And glad to hear she is continuing to go to sleep well. :)

    Missed you last night, but hope to get together soon. Maybe after Christmas would be best cause the next couple weeks are as crazy as the last few have been. If you get this and get a hankerin to get out today... we are going to meet my sister-in-law and nephew and LeAnn (and her boys) at the play area at the mall at 11:15 AM. We are packing lunches and bringing them along. Nothin fancy... just gonna let the kids play and attempt to have some grown up conversations. You are welcome to join.