Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stuck in a hotel......

We had an awesome weekend at my sisters in Naperville and we headed out of town late this afternoon. It was raining and 50 degrees when we left and within an hour the temp and dropped 15 degrees and continued to do so. As we got to the Quad Cities we kept going thinking we could make it, but as we got closer to Walcott (home of the IA 80 truck stop - worlds largest truck stop)it started freezing pretty badly and the interstate was getting icy and all of the cars and semi's had slowed to about 40 here we are at a hotel in Walcott, IA.....luckily I had packed plenty of milk for Addie so I still have plenty to get me through till tomorrow. When Zac was unpacking the car he said the car was already iced here we sit. As we're sitting here we just realized that we should have called Troy and Michelle from our DS group as I think they live close to here, but too late, already unpacked and paid for the now we're hungry and going to try to order some pizza...

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  1. oh man, i hope you make it home safely. It was icy here last night too. Its so cold and windy.. it really feels like winter! burrrr..
    oh and yeah on the heart check!! woo hooo