Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Wow, I can't believe Christmas is next week! Holy cow! And I am far from having my shopping done. In fact, none of it's done aside from some small items I purchased at a Lia Sophia jewelry party....yeah, I have some work to do!

We did make it home safely from staying in the hotel after a night of not sleeping....

I thought I better give an update on what we have been up to... Last friday we went down to the University to see the pediatric optomologist...We were referred there by our PCP due to some nystagmus (shaking) of her eyes that I had been noticing at her 4 month appointment. The Dr. thought her eyes looked pretty good. At this point she does not need glasses, so that was good news. She also does not have glaucoma or cataracks, which is also very common in children with DS. The shaking of her eyes has gotten significantly better since her 4 month well child check, but it is still there when she is looking at the extremes (far left, far right) it is also more noticable when she is very tired. The Dr. said this was also common with T21 and is something that could go away with time, could get worse, or just stay the way it is.....so we go back in 3 months for another check up and see how things are at that point. But overall, I thought it was a good appointment! I think it is still getting better and better and not happening as much, so we'll see....

This last weekend we went to visit my sister, brother in law, and nephew in Naperville and had a great time. I would have pics, but I forgot our camera there so.....sorry =(. Maybe Leslie or mom will send some pics for me to post. Grandma Pam and Papa Terry came up too.....which was a no brainer when both of their grand babies are in the same place! Corbett, my nephew, was baby Jesus in their churches live nativity and Leslie was Mary....it was pretty cute....Mom and dad gave us our christmas present early...a video camera! and I got a video of CJ and Leslie in the nativity....but I forgot that in Naperville too!!!

I'm probably forgetting something and I know I mis-spelled a ton of words....but here is an update!

Some people have had problems leaving comments, not sure why.....sorry! =)

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