Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Deformed Ears

This has been bothering me since Addie was born. Her ears are deformed, and they don't "match". One is flat to her head with some extra folds in the top and the other sticks out from her head...I know this is terrible that I am worried about, very superficial, I know, but I just wonder... I can't really find anything that says this is a DS trait....does you child or do you know of any other children with DS that have deformed ears...I'd post a pic, but Addie's already in bed....try to do it tomorrow.


  1. Gabi's are like that. She ha one that sticks out, and they look different.

  2. I *think* 'folded' ears are a trait seen with Ds, as well as the general population. Dom's ears look different to me so he doesn't have a 'matched set' either- glad to know he has such good company :)

  3. Yes, that's a trait. Braska doesn't seem to have that particular one, though some days I think maybe it shows up. Weird, but who knows. I do know a couple little girls with DS who have one ear folded a bit and different from the other.

    And as far as superficial...my take has been that if it's fixable, then we will probably fix it. That is NOT to say that we'll be putting her through plastic surgery and all, but with things like her teeth and such, skin issues that can be fixed with treatment, we're taking steps to be ready to fix them. Maybe it's superficial, but we think that helping her avoid any issues that she doesn't HAVE to deal with is good.