Monday, December 22, 2008

So much to do, so little time.....

Wow, I have been a big slacker on the blogging thing! Let's see...since last Tusday the big things that have in an accident, lost my wedding ring, Addie had a fantastic PT appointment, finished my Christmas shopping, and now Addie and I are in Il and I have my third cold of the season...YES, THIRD!!!

Wednesday am on the way to PT I slid on a big patch of ice and went off the side of the road, it wouldn't have been that bad except there was a big fire hydrant in the way! So is at the body shop for two weeks, but I'm really OK with it, because our loaner car is a Nissan Mirano and I really like it!

I also realized on wed. am when I went to get in the shower that i didn't have my wedding ring on....and I have NO IDEA when I lost it. I know I had it on Tuesday night when I went in to Walmart...and that's the last time I am sure is covered under home owners, but hopefully I will find it SOON!!

Addie's PT got rescheduled for Friday so we saw Carol friday and it was a really good appt. Carol was so impressed with how well Addie is doing. She is transfering objects back and forth from one hand to the other, which I guess, according to Carol is a HUGE that was pretty cool! She also is doing really well with holding her head up and is spending more and more time sitting in the bumbo. She continues to roll from her front to her back and we are now working on getting her to roll from her back to her front, which she is progressing nicely on! Carol thinks she'll have it mastered by the time of our next appt. in January! Addie is becoming very right hand dominant, so we are working on making sure she is still using her left hand just as much, but Addie is not making that easy on me! She is also bearing all of her weight on her legs and the amount of time that she goes for keeps getting longer, so that is pretty neat to see to! So overall Carol thought she was doing very well and we just need to keep working her left side so it gets just as much use as her right.

Sunday grandma Pam and Papa Terry met Zac and I in the Quad Cities to pick Addie and I up to spend some time in IL prior to Christmas. I was able to meet up with my good friend Nicci from high school and hang out with her tonight so that was nice. Tomorrow I HAVE to work on my CEU's as they have to be done by the 29th so I can overnight them to the BOC office so I don't lose my Athletic training certification!! Yeah, definetly procrastinated on that one! oops!

I know I keep saying this, but hopefully I'll get some pics posted soon!


  1. Have a Very Merry Christmas! Hope you find your ring. Merry and Holly to all your family. We will be hanging out at the farm on Christmas day, with part of the family. You are always welcome. Love to all lb

  2. I hope you had a great Christmas and have a terrific New Year! I just added to your 'to do' list on our blog, participate if you want to or if you have time...

  3. Thanks for the comment...I hope she starts getting better at the focusing. I am sure it is just me worrying like always! Hope you have a great New Year.