Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holy cow, where has the time gone and my baby is 9 months old!!

Wow, last post was March 13th...it's now April 7th....WHERE has the time gone? Seriously. No. Joke. Where did it go?!
Well...for those that don't know I am now working full time...just for the spring and summer...but still, a big, ok HUGE change for our family..and especially Addie. I started working full time last week...I was just working part time prior to that. I finally found a WONDERFUL in home daycare provider and Addie gets so excited each day when I drop her off...so that must be a good sign. She has already made some new friends and the care providers, Lyn and Cori have been sure to take some cute pics to show me. A huge thank you to my friends Emily, Kari, and Sarah for helping me get through the time prior to finding full time daycare...couldn't have done it without you guys! THank you!!

My official title is Assistant Aquatic Coordinator for the City of CR...lengthy, and really basically just means I help supervise the city pools (all 5 of them) and help to manage the lifeguards, cash/con people, and swim instructors. I am really excited for the summer to start as the prep has been pretty enjoyable thus far. I think it has been really good for me to get out, have more adult conversations and feel more like I am accomplishing something during the day. There are downfalls for sure, like not spending as much time with Addie, no more days at the park, and I just can't get past the feeling of worrying that Addie is going to fall behind because I'm not working with her as much.....but I remind myself that this really is for the better and Addie will do just fine. Pretty sure she tried to prove that to me last week when on Sunday she wasn't doing stuff that by friday she was....so yeah, I think this daycare thing is really good for her too..

Zac has taken over being the family cook which has been AWESOME!!! He loves finding new recipes and seeing how they turn out and I enjoy not having to worry about dinner, doing the grocery shopping, or the clean up! Yeah, my husband rocks and I am really lucky. I know. LOL.

Addie had her 9 month appt. last week and all is going well. She is gaining weight like a champ...up to 16 pounds now and she is 27 1/2 inches long...95% on the DS growth charts...She is eating all sorts of finger foods, mum mums, puffs, biter buscuits, the hole shabang...Hopefully all this eating will get her growing a bit more as I am REALLY getting sick of her 6 month clothes...yep, 6 month still fits her, they are getting more snug, couple outfits have had to be put away, but for the most part still wearing them...guessing in the next couple of weeks we should be able to put them away I hope!! She is just so long but her waist is so tiny!!!

We are heading back to IL for Easter break. Zac has some much needed time off and I also took some days off..so tomorrow we make the 2 hour drive to my parents. Zac and I are hoping to sneak out for a night for a nice date night and do some shopping... Pretty excited for the drive as we moved Addie to her big girl car seat tonight...went for a short drive around the block and she thought she was big stuff..we were in the truck so she could see out the back window...pretty cool! Also excited to see my big sis and nephew, and bro in law...Corbett is going to be ONE!! So it will be fun to watch him stuff his face with cake!

Well, I know I am long over due to get some pics on here, so I'll work on that as well so my little sister can quit hollerin at me!

This working thing is good, but it is just kickin my butt!


  1. I am glad work is going so well for you. your sweatshirt is still... darn it.. iam bad.....
    wow. addie is doing great on her growth! mayson was 15 lbs at one!!! addie will be way ahead of her befor you know it!!
    have a great easter!

  2. Addie seems like an absolute doll! First, you'll wonder where 9 months went, then you'll turn around and see her heading to Kindy....enjoy the baby days :-).