Friday, March 13, 2009

Looking forward to a good weekend

We are spending the weekend at my parents house on the farm. It is supposed to be in the 50's here, dad got a new fourwheeler, mom's going to get Addie when she wakes up at 6:30 pretty much I'm in heaven. Planning on waking up, taking a nice ride on the fourwheeler and enjoy my day. It is much needed. Both for myself and for Zac. Between me having a stomach bug on Monday and Tuesday and Zac working some crazy long hours at work we are already enjoying ourselves.

I know it is just going to get a lot crazier as summer gets closer with my job (which I am really enjoying) I am going to savor these weekends to just enjoy the family.

On a side note, we had a check up at the University this last week for Addie's eyes. BOth tear ducks still seem to be blocked, although it is looking to be just partially blocked, so they are better, just not completely cleared up. So we are going to try some drops for a week and then we will follow up with the dr. in May and if the tear ducts are still blocked, we'll have to get the surgery done to open them up. They like to do the surgery just at or right before a year hopefully the drops will take care of getting them cleared up!

On another note, I have baby fever. I have a friend that is due any day now, three more friends due in June and July and two others due in of which is having twins! I kept going back and forth as to whether or not I wanted to get back to competing in triathlons this summer, or if I wanted to be preggers...and I'm thinking I'm ready....but as I learned from trying to concieve Addie, it is not my timing it is God' we'll see if His timing and my timing match up.....

So there ya have it, really hoping for a nice relaxing weekend. Weather just came on the tv and looks like it will be warm enough for my dad to get the baby swing put up for Addie....she just loves to swing!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend to me. How cute to have another baby in the house.

  2. i so know what the baby fever is about. You should go for it so that Addelynn has a sibling close in age. :) I have something for you on my blog Erin.

  3. Baby fever already!! You're so cute. It took me a bit longer to get to that point. Or maybe I'm not there yet.....woops, too late!! Have a fun weekend :O

  4. :) You have an award waiting for you on my blog!

  5. Hey, thanks again so much for taking the time to answer those questions. I enjoyed putting that article together.

    Anyhow, too funny... I was just tallking about you the other day saying "I have a feeling that she is prego, or will be soon". :)