Sunday, March 1, 2009

8 month documentation

This post is pretty much for my documentation on if you choose.

Addie is 8 months old today and doing great. She is eating solids like a champ. The only food we have found that she doesn't like is carrots. In the last week she has begun to eat the wagon wheel things and really likes them a lot! She also got a biter buscuit for the first time tonight and really loved it. It was the first time she has ever reached for something on her tray...I mean her body was pulling on her straps to reach for it! We have introduced a sippy, but she is not showing much interest..just wants to bite it...
We have begun soy formula to stretch out the last of the frozen milk that I pumped. ALthough now she is thinking the soy tastes better than the breast that's great! So now we have started to mix the soy with the breast milk so none of this hard earned milk goes to waste!

Addie no longer stays in one place. Rolling is her means of transportation...ALL OVER!! I'm a little OCD and really liked it when she would stay in one place, on a blanket so as to not pick up any dirt or dog hair...yeah, not anymore! She rolls and rolls until she gets to whatever it is she has her eye on. She has also been pushing up on straight arms which is huge because I never thought she was going to start doing that!! Seems like it took forever!! Ocassionally she will try to bring her knees up, but it just ends up in her face planting to the ground...
She is reaching and scooting on her tummy to get toys she wants, but the scoots aren't very hopefully she'll keep progressing there.
In her bumbo we've been working on grasping small objects on her tray and she does really well with this. She is also sitting nicely in her bumbo..finally!
And...we had to raise the saucer up a level! I couldn't belive she's grown that much! And as of tonight she is now turning in full circles in the saucer to move to the different toys...I don't know why, but that was something I really was wanting her to be able to do was hang out in her saucer...and she can do it now!! WA HOO!
She is sitting unassisted for 30 seconds or so before she starts to lean too far. Sometimes she catches herself, but not hoping to see better siting in this next month!
Her head control continues to get better...still can be not so great when she gets tired, but she's getting there.
She loves her hands...she uses them very well according to the that should continue...
She is wearing 9 month onsies as her torso is so long, but can wear 6 month outfits if it is a top and bottom. her 6 month sleepers are starting to get stretched, some have had to be put away, but we're slowlly moving into the 9 month sleepers.
Sleep....she continues to be an aweseome sleeper at night,usually 11-12 hours...her, sometimes good, sometimes bad....depends on teh day and where she is napping..We're still rocking her to sleep for each nap and bedtime, so hopefully between me and when Bethany starts watching her we can break that habbit...we shall's a goal by 9 months! She also now sleeps on her tummy and loves rubbing her taggy blanket between her fingers.
She has been laughing a lot more and continues to "talk" and tell us stories. Her newest thing is blowing rasberries, whether it be with a mouth full of milk, or a mouth full of food....those aren't so fun, but usually she just does it to talk to us and then it's pretty cute.

And best of all she loves her mommy and daddy and it is VERY apparent!


  1. great update of your sweetie! She is growing up so fast now!

  2. It's amazing how great she's doing. I'm sorry to hear the early intervention stuff didn't go as it could have. Special ed. is funny that way. We seem to wait for them to fail, when it's the intervention keeping them from failing. She is such a cutie. Ryan loves the biscuits too. They are a mess!

  3. what a great update! Happy 8 months!

  4. Tell me about it, if flys by so fast! I can't believe Darci is seven months... and crawling... and eating big girl food. All good stuff, but it makes me a little sad too, I'm sure you can relate.

    It was realy good to see miss Addie. Soon enough we can get together and let the girls play... I'll be needing something to do when all the boys are gone from 9 to noon. :)

    Be safe when traveling this weekend.

    Happy first Easter celebration Addie!
    Love you all.