Sunday, March 1, 2009

Early Intervention

This past Tuesday we had a visit from our Early intervention team......ugh...that the one word to sum it up. Addie of course did all of her "tricks" the visit ended with the psychologist telling me Addie wouldn't qualify for the MR Waiver due to her doing so very well...that was followed by the PT telling me she is doing so well that she no longer qualifies for the in home PT yeah..double edged sword here...what a blessing it is that she is doing so well, but it really stinks that we can't get on the waiver and that we're also losing our in home pt..

It makes me even more angry that she probably more than likely will fall behind eventually...and probably sooner than later. So we just have to wait for her to fall behind...dumb isn't it? Why can't we just continue doing what we've been doing to keep her doing well....and maybe she won't have as much of a delay! And the MR Waiver..I mean, she has Down syndrome people....let's think about this for a minute! So the four of the people that came into our home left with me sitting in the recliner holding Addie and crying....I was happy, sad, mad, frusterated!

I did learn tonight at our HADSA meeting that in Iowa DS is a qualifier to get in home PT. It does not matter how good or bad the child is developing...either way they get I'll be making a phone call to our area coordinator tomorrow..(did I mention how THANKFUL I am for our HADSDA group!)
This is just so essential for Addie to have. We do private therapy once a month and in home once a month, so really she gets therapy every other week and it has been working great for us....what makes me concerned is that with me going back to work I can't work with her as much and therefore the PT will be even more beneficial for her. As well as having that in home PT show the person that will be taking care of Addie ways to challenge yeah, pretty frustrating, but guessing that is part of the journey ahead for many years to come!

I'll keep ya posted on what comes of all of this!


  1. We were in the same position with the Special Needs Pre-school when she turned 3. She tested too high and didn't qualify. GRR It turned out to be a blessing though because she's in a typical pre-k right now and doing just fabulous! Keep us posted!

  2. I was just going to say. there is no reason your PT should stop Erin. Mayson has had it from day one. She sat at 6 months, rolled over at 4 months, etc.... We just kept making more goals to reach and work on!! Call them!!!!!!!!