Sunday, March 1, 2009

still here!

Little miss is 8 months old today, I just can't believe it..oh how the time has flown by! I have been staying away from blog world lately to focus my attention on getting things in order for this summer and to finally get things done!

Baby Kaitlyn did end up passing last friday. It is sad but at the same time good to know that she is now free of all tubes, wires, and needles..and in God's loving arms. I also lost my "second mother" last friday. Thrina was like my second mom growing up as she was my neighbor (we only had one neighbor living in the middle of nowhere) and her daughter Annie and I spent all days and night together every summer growing was very very hard to attend her funeral and see her. She had just been over to my parents house to see Addie just over a month ago, that was right before she was diagnosed with cancer...and that nasty stuff took her life. again, cancer sucks!

Friday was a very hard day for me but Friday night my family came into town for Addie's dedication on Sunday. We had a very full house with Leslie, Dave, and Corbett, Kellie and Brian, and my mom staying here over night. Then my dad and grandma Moore and Grandma and pa Larson as well as my cousin Chloe joined us for church on Sunday followed by lunch at our house. It was a really nice dedication and I was so thankful to have all of my family there. Zac was able to speak for our family and thank the church for all of the prayers and support during Addie's surgery. It was really great.

Monday I decided to try a new daycare for Addie thinking that would be the best decision since work was wanting more hours from me...BAD DECISION! When I went to visit her at lunch she had still not been given her solids that should have been given to her at breakfast, and the teacher said to me, yeah, she's pretty much been hanging out on the floor today (when I gave them specific instructions that was NOT to happen) I wanted her stimulated, in the bumbo, in the saucer, whatever...just not laying on the floor all day!!! So when I went to pick her up I bawled the whole way home, talked to Zac about it and Tuesday let them know we wouldn't be returning...

So I was again in search for a sitter until my friend Bethany will take over full time childcare for her starting the last week of March...I ended up finding a really nice woman that is in the process of adopting a child from China and is just wanting her boys to get used to having a baby around...she was reccommended by a friend of mine who used to take her girls to her until she quit her job..So I met with her, her name is Kari, and I really liked her and she really enjoyed Addie, so we decided to go ahead with using Kari as childcare until Bethany takes can you tell why I have been a LITTLE stressed?!? Friday's my friend Emily is going to continue watching her since I am going to continue with just half days on hopefully we can keep this schedule for a month!

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  1. good for you! i had a bad experience with a sitter too,and i ripped the kids quicker than poo! she is sure getting big! what a pretty girl!!hope your job is going well! take care!love you guys