Sunday, March 1, 2009

8 months!

This is Addie with her gift from grandma Pam for Valentine's Day...she really likes to eat it! =)

keep in mind she is waaay tired in these pics!
I had been interested in these biter buscuits for Addie, my sister discouraged me from getting them due to how messy they are...funny how "messy" turns into "therapy" for our little peanuts! I just took off her shirt and let her have some fun! This is the beginning...

And this was torwards the end...yep, one sock she had kicked off...because of course her toes tasted really good when they got the buscuit goo all over them! And my camera battery died just when she was chewing on her toes with one hand while ther other hand tried to put the buscuit in her mouth!

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