Monday, February 22, 2010

Picture catch up.

Nana and Addie enjoyed some cuddle time over the weekend.....yeah, she's not spoiled!

Addie (after much convincing from her mom) got a new puppy for Christmas. A Poochon - Bichon frise and toy poodle mix...Mia is her name and Addie just loves her. Although now she has learned how to feed her food from her tray, so that's great.....

Addie and her Christmas dress...yeah, she's a ham and she knows it....

Of course we had to have a matching dress for baby!

My baby is growing up!

Remember these two cousin buddies?

There's now three! And oh how Addie and Corbett have changed! Congrats Dave and Leslie on your beautiful daughter Evelynn Gale! 12/30/09
Most pictures end up like this....any real baby can be thrown around like my doll babies, right?

This started out to be a good one....

Until Addie wanted to pick up Evie....yeah, we have some work to do before we decide to have baby #2....


  1. Cute pics. She just thinks the baby is her doll!

  2. love the pics. that so funny about her trying to pick up the baby...nobody can resist a baby! and she will definitely love the dog. they will be best friends. henry loves our dog to say the least. everything the dog does is so funny!

  3. Hi, I stumbled on your blog from the newdownsyndromemama blog side bar, and was VERY surprised to find someone else with my name, spelled EXACTLY like my name, never have I seen that in my life. I am honoured to share my name with your sweet daughter. We are waiting to adopt a down syndrome child and that is how I stumbled across your blog. Be Blessed with the life of your sweet daughter :). Love from Adelynn

  4. Those are awesome. She's getting so big!