Monday, June 20, 2011

Prayers Needed! and an update.

Our I-800a form has been mailed to immigration (INS) and now we wait....the time frame they give is 60-90 days, however, another adoptive DS mom had luck with contacting her congressman to help expedite their approval in 3 weeks! Anyway, we are asking for prayers to move our application along quickly. We sent a letter asking for it to be expedited...we shall see what happens.

Now the I-800a is mailed, we can start compiling all documents for the dossier and making sure all is notarized, apostiled, times. We are also spending most nights filling out applications for no interest loans/grants to help fund our adoption...this is such a time consuming task, but we know that the Lord will provide the funds we need.

The group dando amor, that helped us to "find" Sister, is back in Ecuador this week. I know that there are so many more orphans there that need forever families, so just praying that God could use this group for the desires of His heart.

We had our main fundraiser on June 4th...a pancake breakfast, silent auction, and bake sale. We had a fantastic turnout....served about 300 people, and we raised $5000!!!!! How awesome is that?! A big huge THANK YOU to all who came out, donated, prayed, and helped! It has just been amazing to see God working in all of this to get His child into our home.

Another huge blessing is the people that we have met through an adoption forum who have been giving us great advice and encouragement as we go through the process. I am so thankful for every person that God has brought into our lives...I really think I need to start listing out all of the ways God has shown us without a doubt in our minds that bringing Sister home is His will for is just humbling and mind-boggling! It's kind of fun to know that He is just getting started in this journey! I'm so excited to see where both Zac and I are going to be at in our walk with our heavenly Father when Sister is home...I just can't even put into words how exciting it is.

In non-adoption news, Zac and I had been trying to decide if it would be financially possible for Addie and I to go to the National Down Syndrome Convention in San Antonio in August...Zac can't go since he has to save all of his vacation for our trip to Ecuador. Well, once again God completely provided a way for Addie and I to go. We got awarded a scholarship from our local support group, then we found plane tickets super cheap, and then I had a friend ask Addie and I to room with them....and oh yeah, the room is FREE!! How amazing is that?! Then, I could have been stuck with my room reservation, but then found out about a new adoptive DS momma that was in need of a room, so I was able to just transfer my reservation to her! I am so excited for our trip and so thankful for God to provide such a great means for us to go!

If you are going to convention, please leave a note and let me know! I did such a terrible job of keeping track of all of the families we met last year...going to try to do better this year!



  1. What an uplifting post! SO excited about the success of your fundraiser. Savor the moments. Its such a beautiful journey......

  2. ummm. yeh, i am going. haha see you there!! hehe