Sunday, July 17, 2011

What's taking so long?!

It isn't a secret that I don't have patience. I'm starting to worry that the mail carrier thinks I'm a nut job...really I'm not....*no comments needed* I'm quite sure that adopting Sister is in God's Plan. All doors have been so completely wide open that it is without doubt that she is meant to be our daughter.

We had a USCIS appointment scheduled for our fingerprinting on July 28th. However, we needed to go to Des Moines (a 2 hour drive from us) to get our apostilles and after a friend suggested we try a walk in, we figured why not?! I called the office and they said they can't guarantee we'd get it, but we could we did and ended up getting in and out in less than 20 minutes! Getting our apostilles took longer, but we got to tour the Capitol building while we were waiting, which was really pretty cool!

So now we wait...Brigette...a local adoptive mommy friend had a lucky occurrence where they had gotten their approval from USCIS after their fingerprinting in less than a I thought, yeah, it could happen! But it's been a week and no approval so we shall wait some more. I can't help but think, Ok, we'll have it by next friday, when in reality, it may be several more weeks...yeah, and I'm not so good at this waiting thing...

We were able to submit our dossier to the country for translation so that once we are approved through USCIS that the dossier will be ready to be sent for approval...then we just have to submit our I-800 for Sister, wait for approval again and then wait for a travel date....why does there seem to be a reoccurrence of the word WAIT. *sigh*

Psa. 27:14 Wait for the Lord; Be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.

So yes, Lord. I get it...well, I like to think I got it, but really, unless I continue to fall at His feet day after day there really is no way I can get through this. I want my daughter home. I want her in my arms.

Zac - in his...we need to be debt free thinking...says that it is a good thing that we have to wait...cause right now we're really not sure where the money would come from...where I, we go to the bank and say give us a loan NOW or my wife might go ape wild on you!

We have paid out a little of $5K in adoption costs and have atleast another $12K yet to is overwhelming if you think about it, but I know that the Lord will help us on this as well. We have applications for about 15 grants/scholarships that are going out this prayerfully one or two of those will come through and help us out.

We have another adoption fundraiser garage sale coming up on July 29th and 30th, what a great way to spend our 5th anniversary (July 29th), and a friend is helping to put together an online fundraiser as we'll get there...

We were so blessed to have our photographer friend - that was the one that originally introduced us to a picture of Sister - travel again to Ecuador. She blessed us with pictures and stories of Sister. Pictures that my husband couldn't and can't look at without tearing up. Have I mentioned my husband rocks?

We then had an anonymous donor give money to my friend to get us copies of these pictures...framed and all...they even insisted that one of these framed pics goes with Zac to work...I mean really, how cool is that?! Zac and I had just been talking that we really couldn't afford to purchase pics because we have been putting so much into our adoption account to get Sister home. We serve an AMAZING God. All Knowing God.

I have been reminded by quite a few people to enjoy this time...these last few months of just the three of us in our family...all the one on one time with little superhero. =)

And my little artist.


  1. it will all fall into place! hang in there!

  2. Our photographer friend advertised and did photo shoots for families as a fundraiser for us late Fall-ish so people could use them as Christmas gifts. She only kept $ to cover her expenses. She had an "adoption fundraiser package". it was a great help.