Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A bit of news and Why we need Sister home

We didn't get bad news today..just that they need more info...which I'm totally fine with...we are awaiting further clarification...so again...not looking like we'll have much news tonight...but I'm totally ok with that. It is amazing what God has done these last couple weeks to my heart...I have trusted in Him fully..but not only trusted in Him...but just plain trusted Him. It is just amazing and I pray that one day He'll put the words into my head to help me explain this journey we've been on...cause yes, it's an adoption journey, but even bigger than that, it has been a journey with Christ. The molding, changing, and learning of what my relationship with God is...and I am LOVING IT!

But until we get some more definite news...I thought you'd enjoy a recent trip to Bloomsbury farms...and it'll help ya'll understand why we need this little girl we call Sister home.
A big huge THANK YOU to Tiffanie Lloyd Photography for taking the first two pics.

Reason #1 Momma can't handle much more of this wrestling...Addie needs sister to play.

Reason #2 We need double the cuteness in this house, I mean really...why would you not want double the amount of awesomeness?

Reason #3 Momma don't fit on a child's teeter totter...Sister would fit perfectly.

Reason #4 Cause Sister has the coolest daddy ever and one child just isn't enough to play in the corn pit!


  1. hugs. Been re-arranging my blog and reading older posts...... I believe adoption is about WAY more than just bringing a child into a family after our experience. These are all great reasons to get her home!!!

  2. She is looking so grown up. I can't wait to see pictures of your family of 4. It will happen!

  3. Hello, I met your friend at the MAC. Would love to connect. I have 3 Korean adoptees, 1 biological. Also part of a local international adoptive group here in CR. God bless you while you are waiting for your precious one to come home. Susie