Thursday, October 6, 2011

Adoption Update

The reviewing agency in Ecuador had asked for a letter from Addie's Physical Therapists wanting detailed information on her development as they didn't feel our home study went into enough instead of one letter, we sent a letter from her speech therapist, a letter from her physical therapist, and a letter from her teacher at preschool. Hopefully that'll give them they information they need on lil miss Addie....but really...I'm kinda over this hurry up and wait game and I just want a little girl home. Not getting my hopes up, but will definitely be praying as they are to be meeting about our case on we could possibly know more by Friday night....we can only pray.

We have come to terms with the fact that we will most likely not be traveling in 2011...(Ecuador government shuts down for three weeks in December)..and that is fine..but you better believe we'll be on the plane as soon as they say go....

Until then, we've been keeping busy getting ready for the Buddy Walk this Saturday! I was looking back at pictures from last year and thought I'd share...crazy to see how much Addie has changed in a year..

2011 Adelynn's Advocates

Addie and her cousin Corbett

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