Wednesday, October 1, 2008

3 Months Old!

October is Down syndrome awareness month and I along with several other bloggers have decided to attempt the 31 for 21 to raise awareness of Down syndrome. For more info, click on the sidebar 31 for 21.

We will see how this goes...but I thought, given today is Addie's 3 month birthday we'll look back at the day the Lord blessed us with her life.
It was Monday June 30th. My friend Sarah woke me with a phone call asking me to come over and watch Lincoln while she went with her parents to get some office furniture from Aegon (they had lost everything in the Parkersburg tornado). I had been sleeping in a lot, so it was already 8:30. So I quick jumped through the shower and headed off to Sarah's. The day went fine, Sarah brought me lunch from Culver's (I had been eating Culver's alot...I craved the bacon burger...yum!) After our late lunch I wanted to show Sarah and her parent's how I was getting Lincoln to walk a couple of steps for me. So I squatted down in the living room next to Lincoln when I felt something not so normal...lots of wetness. Not wanting to say anything with Sarah's parents there, I just shifted and kept talking to Lincoln. Well, with that shift came a lot more wetness and I realized my water had broke. I ran to the bathroom and Sarah called Zac to let him know of the excitement. This might be TMI...but I will always remember it, because it was somewhat embarrasing, but now I can laugh about it...but I guess when your body realizes it's in labor other things your in, they empty....well, that happened and I ended up clogging Sarah's toilet!!!! We were going to have Zac plunge it because Sarah and I didn't know how, but we forgot to tell Zac to do it when he came to pick me poor Sarah had to wait until Tim got home that night!! Thanks Tim!! =)

So I called Dr. Fox's office and let them know what had happened and they said we would need to go to the hosptial within the hour, we guessed the water breaking at 2:00, so Zac came and picked me up and we ran home and I finished packing the suitcase, (yes, I didn't have it all the way packed despite Zac constantly nagging on me to get it packed...I wasn't due till the 9th!=)), we grabbed the camera, the video camera, all that we could think of and headed to the hospital.

I was having contractions, but not very intense and so it was a smooth ride to the hospital. We got to the hospitla at about 3:00. We drove up to the front doors, Zac was so excited it was so great. He walked up to the counter and practically threw the car keys at the woman and said my wife's in labor, here's the keys. The woman was somewhat taken back and let him know he could keep your keys and come through this door and we'll get you checked in. It was so funny! I don't think Zac realized how funny it was to me, but he was just so excited! I was excited, but I think the Lord was continuously preparring me for our special angel because I was just so at peace. I wasn't nervous, I wasn't bouncing off the walls (for those of you that know me you would think I would have been bouncing off the walls and worrying about everything!). But I was quiet, and peaceful. God was walking me through each step.

So we did the normal exam room, the nurse confirmed I was in labor, (duh!) I was 2 1/2 cm dialated and 75% effaced so off we went to our labor and delivery room! Zac went and parked the car and got our bags and I got a robe on for our two hours of walking that we were going to be doing to see if it would help get the contractions going.

So we walked...for two hours all over that birth center...and nothing was happening. I wasn't really feeling any strong contractions and the continuous "water flow" was grousing me out!! All those women who have to have their water broke are lucky! One less disgusting thing of being in labor! Anyways....The two hours of walking didn't do much for me and it was almost 7:00pm. During our walking Dr. Fox had been there to check on me and let me know that if the walking didn't progress the labor then we'd be starting Pitocin at 7:00. I was totally fine with 7:00 starting Pitocin because then I would have to stay in bed...and what better time, the Bachelorett season finale was starting at 7!! So in we went to the room, got hooked up to all the fun IV's and watched my show. Even our nurse Jenn had been following the show so we all enjoyed it! I think even Zac enjoyed it, although he would never admit to it. At 9:00 the show was over, and we were all VERY surprised at who she chose..but that's another story...

So contractions were getting stronger, but I still wasn't feeling much. I was dialted to 3 1/2 cm and 100% effaced and starting to get tired...We decided to go ahead and get the epidural since I planned on getting one anyways, so around 9:30 that was done and I tried to get some rest. I was starving so I was eating jello like crazy!

Finally I had progressed and in the early morning hours I went from 4 1/2 to 8 1/2 cm in 20 minutes and then to 10 cm in two contractions and Dr. Fox just happened to walk into the room as the nurse announced we were ready to start pushing! After about an hour of pushing out came our beautiful baby girl!

This post is long enough for today, so come back tomorrow to read the rest of the story!

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  1. I got a chuckle out of your hubby so excited he threw the keys on the counter to the nurse! LOL Off to read the rest of the story now!