Monday, October 13, 2008

Get it Down..#11.....yeah, not doing so good at this!

So here I am doing what should be post for Oct. 11th on Oct. 13th...yeah, not doing so good at this daily post for 31 for 21! AAAHH!!!

So today I have lots going through my, why do I agree to do things, when I already can't get caught up at home? Do you do this?

We got home late last night. Addie slept the whole way home, took a bottle when we got home and went right to sleep and slept till 6:30am. Today I'm just trying to get her back on somewhat of a schedule, but her feeding keeps changing, so I'm thinking it's time to bump up the number of ounces I'm offering her at each feeding because I don't think she's getting enough as she's only been lasting about 2 1/2-3 hours between feedings...and we all know I have more than enough milk supply, so why not offer her more, if a couple of ounces go to waste, no biggie.

I am currently finishing up thank you's from Addie's birth and hospital stay....yeah, she's 3 1/2 months old...I guess you should never be upset about having to write thank you's...right? We were so very VERY blessed by the amount of support and gifts we received. I just feel bad for letting these fall behind. I do have about 2/3rds of them done and sent, but I just keep reminding myself that the most important thing is spending time with Addie, so I've let these go. But go no more, I am getting them DONE!

I also have her birth announcements to be sent out. They are all put together, sealed, and return stamp is on. Just need to print out address labels, stamp em, and get em in the mail!

The nursery....yeah, I have yet to get pictures hung up, and things organized they way I would like....moving the twin bed out today so hopefully that will help to get it step up the way I have pictured in my head.

I did accomplish getting our room set up for Addie's surgery at the Ronald McDonald house. They put us on a list and the morning of the surgery they will call and let us know if there is a room. Hopefully there will be, and if they do not have one available, then they give us a voucher for a either way, we'll have somewhere close to stay. (one of us will always stay with Addie in her room)

It's a typical fall day here, partly sunny, breezy, the yards are pretty much covered in leaves. Hoping to get out and go for a walk. Supposed to be rainy the next couple of days, so better enjoy today...oh yeah, and only highs in the 50's! But I guess if I have to stay in with Addie, it's better to have rainy weather than sunny, cause then I'd want to go out! Well, it's 3:00 and I still haven't showered....maybe I should get going on that while Addie's napping......


  1. Yeah-- I agree to way too much while I still can't keep up at home. I'd never get out of the house if I didn't! Well, it sounds like you are making good progress on your to-do list. You have the most important stuff under control. You are doing good! You have a few extra things on your plate!

  2. Oh yes the no shower days! Where do the hours go. Just wait until you CAN remember when you took your last shower but CAN"T remember when you took your last shower ALONE! Mom what are you doing??? Love ya!