Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Heart Day Baby Girl!!

Yes a year ago this is the sad sight we had to look....but Addie has continued to amaze us all over the last year....

She now has 7 signs and is working on walking with a walker! Who would have thought that a year ago this little girl had just been through major surgery! These pics are courtesy of Tiffanie Lloyd Photography. (Thanks Tiff!)

Addie has just blown us away since doctors repaired her tiny little heart....just amazing....

Yes, we have been busy, but I hope to get you all caught up on the last two months over the next couple of days....and A LOT has been happening!

Happy heart day baby girl! You are so very loved by your mommy and daddy! And lots of family and friends!


  1. What beautiful pictures of Addie!She is growing so much!

  2. How can it possibly be a year ago?!? Happy Heart Day Addie! You've come SUCH a long way, baby. :o)

  3. happy heart day! Wow has it been a year?! Glad to hear she is doing so well!

  4. she is amazing!! hey i gave you a blog award.. hop on over to my blog to see!!

  5. The pictures of Addie are adorable! You have a beautiful little girl and I'm excited to watch her grow up. Blessings!